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Rajesh Jha

Drama Horror

The Hospital Mystery

The Hospital Mystery

8 mins

Sudip Chakraborty is an advocate by profession. His main work is to give relief to his clients by winning the case. He has made a good name for himself. But little did he know that one day he will have to apply his profession in his own home. He is not an old man. He is around 50 years of age and a married man. The age difference around fifteen years with his wife Rekha was eye-catching. It made little difference to him as he was busy in his work but his wife was certainly affected by this and also as they had no issues it bothered her. During the day she kept herself busy doing regular household chores but the evenings and the nights haunted her. She even resorted to sleeping tablets. Things went on like this for a few years. Sudip Babu accepted the fact and even tried to adopt a baby but ultimately did not materialize. His wife Rekha too did not pressurize Sudib Babu with a fear that if the decision boomerangs then the blame will fall on her. On the whole, their marriage was not happy and honestly, nothing could be done. Sudip Babu also realized that alone money cannot buy you all the happiness.

Meanwhile a new crisis developed in Rekha's behavior. In the evening, after the sunset, she started groaning and crying in pain as if some unnatural power has possessed her. The neighbors got curious regarding this and Sudip Babu had to call for a doctor. As usual the doctor could not diagnose the problem. Sudip Babu arranged for a nurse and it also turned out to be a bad decision.

Rekha's problem continued. She started imagining that the Sudip Babu has been having an affair with the nurse. The nurse too got scared of her screaming and groaning. She left the job and things came back to square one. The next alternative Sudip Babu took was to admit her in a hospital but there also the doctor could not ascertain the cause and after spending 7 days in the hospital and clearing a fat bill Rekha was discharged.

Meanwhile Rekha's condition was getting known to many. Few of them recommended Bhootnath Babu's name to Sudip Babu. Bhootnath Babu was know for his special power and knowledge in occult science. Sudip Babu decided to take his help and was called for.

Bhootnath Babu came to see Rekha. He tried to make Rekha comfortable by talking on various subjects. Rekha too talked with her freely but as the evening set in the problem resurfaced and Rekha started groaning and screaming frantically. Bhootnath Babu remained calm and composed and watched her activities. After about 45 minutes Rekha became normal and then Bhootnath Babu asked her directly that what exactly makes her do this. Rekha confided that as the sun sets in she dreams and hallucinates that her husband is in the hospital. All his body parts are severed from the body and he cries in pain by calling her name. His pain makes her cry in pain. That is why she gets scared and groans and screams. Bhootnath Babu listens to her and then he tells both Sudip Babu and Rekha the following remedies. He tells Rekha to wear a moonstone. He also tells them that astrologically the time is not right for the couple. He advises them to have a controlled diet, wash their face and feet and wear fresh clothes before going to sleep. He also tells them to do regular prayers. Things go on smoothly for about four years, Then one day after the Durga puja Sudip Babu decides to have a vacation and selects a quiet place Simultala, few kilometers away from Kolkata.

They arrive at Simultala as scheduled. Simultala a picturesque place with greenery around is instantly loved by them. Little did they know that the experience here will change their life completely. Anyway,lets come to the present. They rented out an independent bungalow and hired a maid "Junglee". The first few days goes off very smoothly. The couple took long morning walks. Junglee was good at cooking and made delicious food. But they notices as the evening approached Junglee would get restless and would insist on leaving. During the whole day she would be absolutely normal but adamant on leaving by 6 PM. Sudip Babu kept wondering regarding the cause but adjusted with this. Diwali was approaching which is commonly known as Kali Puja in Bengal. The locals there at Simultala came to meet the couple and requested Rekha to sing at their function. Rekha was good at Rabindrasangeet and gladly accepted their request. Sudip Babu happily gave them donation for the program. There was happiness in the air.

Then the incident occurred. Rekha was rehearsing. Sudip Babu was reading a novel when he started hearing noise coming from the terrace. As if few people were running on the terrace. Sudip Babu wanted to go to the terrace when suddenly the noise stopped and Sudip Babu took it casually. The incident again happened when Sudip Babu decided to ask the local people there. But no one gave a proper explanation. Things went worse when on KaliPuja night after Rekha's program the noise started coming. Sudip Babu and Rekha went on the terrace but found no one there. Sudip Babu got disturbed and this time he really wanted to find out the truth behind this.

Early next morning Sudip Babu started making inquiry. Initially the local people were reluctant to talk but some aged and matured people decided to tell him the cause. Around five years back a family of five came to stay in this house. They were having a sort of picnic in the evening when suddenly the gas cylinder busted. All of them were seriously injured. As Simultala is a small place medical attention got delayed and all of them succumbed at the hospital. After this incident, people staying at this place heard such noises and thereafter avoided taking this bungalow for rent. Sudip Babu was advised to vacate the bungalow as soon as possible.

Sudip Babu was a lawyer and had the habit of reasoning. He decided to investigate the matter. That same evening he told Rekha about this and told her to put a table and chair and see it by himself. Rekha was not keen on this idea and even Junglee told her to tell Sudip Babu not to try this. Sudip Babu was adamant and ultimately as usual Rekha had no choice. As instructed by Sudip Babu Rekha laid the chair and table on terrace. She prepared some tea and snacks too for him. Sudip Babu went on to the terrace. At around 8 pm he felt as if four to five people are around him and suddenly he felt their hands over him as if they are trying to embrace him. He was shocked and could not utter a word as he was not in a position to do so. He fainted. Rekha on not hearing anything from terrace rushes and finds him collapsed on the chair. With the help of neighbors he was shifted to a hospital. After regaining consciousness he was discharged. Early next morning before completing the holiday schedule they left for Kolkata.

Sudip Babu was never the same man after returning from Simultala. His health condition started deteriorating and was hospitalized. The doctors were finding it difficult to diagnose the real cause. Too many doctors and thus too many opinions. There is a saying"Too many cooks spoil the dish". Exactly this happened. Rekha too was completely clueless and kept staying disturbed and confused, She too had to come home after 7 pm as it was getting difficult staying there for every night along. A nurse was arranged for Sudip Babu. She used to feed him by 8 pm. Sudip Babu would walk after dinner for about three hours and made this into his habit. He would walk in the corridor and would chat with all the doctors, nurses or staff during his walk.

One evening the nurse who fed him dinner was coming to serve him dinner saw Sudip Babu walking. She casually told him that how come you are walking before dinner and went unto his bed. As she reached his bed she saw him sleeping on the bed. She was puzzled. She looked down the corridor but she saw him walking. She even asked some staff if they are seeing him walking or not. Even they saw him walking. She screams for the doctor who rushes near her and checks Sudip Babu who was sleeping. The doctor declares him dead and even mentions that he died in his sleep around 15 to 20 minutes back. The nurse along with other staff saw Sudip Babu walking during this period.

After this Sudip Babu was seen many times and things became bad when Sudip Babu's wife Rekha was hospitalized with an illness. The fear increased. Rekha was seen talking to him at night,The night staff would see a shadow hovering over Rekha's bed. In fact, Sudip Babu's walking stopped in the corridor and his appearance increased near Rekha's room. Her condition worsened and she would scream at night. The nurses and the staff got scared to stay with her. The news spread rapidly and other patients started avoiding the hospital. It really shook the management.

Then after about ten days Rekha too expired. She expired at the same time as Sudip Babu. Puja were performed as the couple had no issues and no relatives. The normalcy returned at the hospital.

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