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The Honest Seeds

The Honest Seeds

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.This is a real-life event that I am writing; and a learning experience for all the readers.

Last year, starting of the financial year, I along with my family had shifted to our new house. This new house was very different as it was a tall multi-storeyed building which was very far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Though we were surrounded from all sides by green farms and only our two towers stood straight up reminding us of the twin towers.

Despite living away from the city, our complex was good as it had all the amenities like a swimming pool, library, tennis courts, and even a cricket club and pool table, etc. But I was not at peace, as I had left all my friends in my old home and here I had no friends.i was feeling abandoned. 

My maa used to push me daily to go and play in the park, make new friend's, take a swim in the pool but I was always half-hearted.

Slowly time passed and summer vacations began. My problem was that since birth I was a little chubby teddy bear.I was just like Lord Ganesh...yes my name is also Vinayak.

My heart knew my problem. The kids here were not honest. I used to play with them and daily come back crying..the kids used to cheat, make fun of me and take things like my ball, water bottle, etc and never return.

I used to frequently complain to my maa but she used to counsel and ask me to ignore and avoid such kids.

So, I started swimming and cycling.

One fine day in the vacations there was a contest announced.

It was very simple. All the kids were given the same type of seeds and the challenge was to sow them and grow them in beautiful plants and the kid with maximum flowers and flourished plant would be the winner of a grand prize.

We all were very excited. I along with the other kids went on the day and collected seeds.we were told that the time is of 30 days.

I came home and excited enough, I planted the seeds in an earthen pot.i gave water manure, vermicide, and took care of the pot like a little baby.

Two weeks passed but nothing happened.

Then, I changed the pot and got a ceramic pot and even got a better soil.

I took a lot of care. Put it under the sun too, protected it from birds, so that they don't eat the seeds but no growth and time flies in gist of time.

Finally, the day came of the finale. All the kids gathered in the club with their pots. We were somewhere around 13 kids who participated. The other kids had beautiful flowers grown and they were very happy.thet were teasing me and making fun of me as my pot has just mud...not even a sampling.

I felt embarrassed and as I stood in the queue with other kids, I could not face anyone and was facing looking down. Three judges came...to my surprise one was my grandmother, one was head of horticulture and last was an unknown uncle.

The 13 Pots were carefully examined and came time for results. In my heart, I knew I had lost...

The judges stood on the podium and said we have only one winner....and you will be surprised to know the winner. The name was announced...It was Vianyak..yes...it was me..unbelievable. How come it was me....

The crowd starting talking and said the decision is wrong.it was biased and so on. But the judges made everyone calm down and said....the motto of today's competition was not the environment but was to judge a kid's morals and values.

The judges said we wanted to see how honest today's kids are ...so we had distributed seeds which were burnt and which could not be grown at all.

So all the kids manipulated their seeds at home except one. Only one kid's seeds never grew though he kept trying and till last day he remained honest and got us the empty pot. So the winner is the child who was honest and who stood firm on his morals and values.

We applaud the kid and give him this grand prize and we expect that today onwards the other kids will learn from him to be honest to yourself. I was so happy and my head was straight up with proud. And since that day, I made a lot of friends and earned a lot of respect and thanks to my maa who always made me hold on to our values.


And the secret was the contest...the secret of the contest was in the seeds and the secret in the seeds was honesty.

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