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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Varad Kandewad

Children Stories


Varad Kandewad

Children Stories

The Great War Of Aliens

The Great War Of Aliens

10 mins

 Aliens are some creatures that live in space and are magical. But first, they were just normal humans! Then they got magical powers so they became invincible! So, One day, in the human world,5019, people saw Aliens in their dreams.Every day the wind would make noises like Hooooooo! Which made everybody scared. So, the government of all the countries decided to make a huge rocket from which they could go to space. So this is their story-

So, In space, the human-made a planet by sticking all the rocks. All of them would fly in space. They will also wear spacesuits when they will go shopping. In the house, there was an oxygen air conditioner which made people breathe. When anyone will die they would make his body wander in space. So one Tuesday when the children were going to school a green envelope fell down. They ran and gave it to the teacher. The teacher ran and gave it to the principal. The principal ran and gave it to the Government. The government read it.


Sserda:Neila tenalp

Nip edoc:700891

Read Government fo Snamuh,

I,Rm. Yonnd eht tnebiserp fo eht Neila tenealp si gniog ot evah a raw htiw uoy . Emoc ta Htrae retfa 2 sraey.



The code is backward! Read Backwards!

Now the humans were really scared. They then decided to do something with the aliens. Thank god they could not disappear and appear! Otherwise, they could have just come over the human artificial planet! So then they decided to march to Earth with Walk-in-Space boots. When they tumbled down the Earth,(Secured by fire safety suit) They climbed a mountain. In the mountain, a volcano blasted! They ran to save their lives, but a little parchment rolled down. In it was written, “How to end the lives of Aliens”.

 So the map was down here……………………

How to end the lives of Aliens

So the humans decided to let 2 of the bravest people in the world. Jack and Philip. They were best friends. They even climbed the Olympus Mons, the largest mountain in the solar system situated on Mars. Jack told Philip,"I guess it would be laborious climbing this Mt Yo". But, however, they had to go. So they marched to The rectangular planet of 

Lisa. On the board was written in the Planet :

Enter to Die

Now the great men who climbed Olympus Mons, were scared. But when they looked back, there was an enormous Blackhole! Luckily they got on to their Non-Black hole suit. When they got in the parliament of the rectangular planet of Giza, the creatures over there started speaking. One said, “How did humans make a planet? ”. Then another said, “Speaking about humans, did we hide the diamond which opens the door of Mt Yo in the room with the very small door so no one can enter it? So they could not find the diamond and the aliens will destroy them and we will rule both planets of the humans!”. Jack whispered to Phillip,“Now we will have to find the diamond too!”. “Yes!”, Phillip sighed. Then they thought of a plan. They needed to become small to cross the door! But, to become small, they needed to find the drink in the Lisa Laboratory. But, only wizards can go there. So they had to go to Wizard Planet. So they grabbed the map of the Universe out of their bag and marked their destination.

Oh no! As the map was scrambled in the bag, the map was torn into 1 piece! Another one was lost in the magical bag which was endless! But, they also had a planet to cross before Wizard Planet! But they had no chance to stop. So they marched to Sun Cloud Moon Planet. Well, the planet was full of traps! They saw a place called Surprise Gift, but when they opened it, a needle stuck their nose! After that, they drank some water, but it only made them more thirsty! 

After a few more traps, they met the prince of the planet, The Cloud who introduced them to the King,

The Moon, who introduced them to the Emperor, The Sun! 

Jack and Phillip begged the Emperor to let them leave the kingdom. The Cloud told them, “To leave the planet, you will have to answer a few riddles. But first, you will have to eat some food. It is our Tradition!”. “Thank you!,” cried Jack and Phillip. They ate a few salads. That was only they could eat! All the food the Sun, Moon, and the cloud ate were some bare asteroids! “Yum….!” Jack and Phillip said while they were acting to eat the unusual rocks. After the “Unusual Dinner”, the Sun asked for a few riddles which were not much harder for the two.

Ans: Map

Then the Moon's company Greeting card poets got some adult riddles and asked the men to answer the bunch of riddles on a sheet of paper. But the two men answered in less than 30 seconds

Then they asked some tongue twisters. 

Then another…………………………

Luckily, they won. “Bye-Bye!”, they said happily to the Sun while on the way to the Wizards planet. Then, they saw a factory. They entered it. Everything there was phony! They murmured themselves,“ We were foolish! We could just come here to buy the phony wizard clothes!”.

After they bought the clothes they went back to The rectangular planet of Lisa. Then they reached the laboratory because they were in wizard clothes. “These creatures are idiots! They could not identify the phony clothes!”, Phillip whispered to Jack. There they stole the lotion to be small which was on a table

Then they drank it and became small. So they ran to the small door.

They opened the door, took the diamond, and went on their way to Mt Yo. 

But, suddenly, a bell rang and some soldiers came out. 

“You stole the diamond, Humans!”, they cried. 

But, then, they were held captive. “You will be a human tandoori to our hungry Hedsgsj, who is a great eagle.

Now they needed to escape. But how?

They thought and thought and thought. The prison escape was going to be really hard. The prison was guarded by one soldier. 

There was a big wall protected by spikes.

Then, Phillip got an idea. He asked the soldier for some water. The soldier gave him a glass of water. Then, Phillip threw the glass on the soldier's head, so he fainted. Then he freed Jack from his hand-cuff.

“You were great!”, Jack said to Philip. Then, they went out of the prison.

When they went out, they found the diamond to open the door of Mt Yo on a table again!

The two stood pondering. Should we take it? Is it any danger again? They thought and thought. Then Jack showed Phillip his stick. I found it in some bushes.

Then he threw the stick there. Nothing happened.  Then Jack told Phillip nothing would happen if they took the diamond. So then they took it and ran out of the rectangular planet of Lisa.

Then they reached The Danger planet of Rabbicida.

When they entered the planet, many rabbits were walking around. And, the most surprising thing was that they were just like humans! Jack looked around the land they entered on the planet. There was no danger. So why was this planet called the Danger planet? He then asked a rabbit on a table eating a carrot why this planet was called the Danger planet of Rabbicida.

The Rabbit said,“Our planet is not dangerous. But a very vicious dragon lives in the east of the planet. He always eats one rabbit daily. Our planet is very near to the sun. So, when the dragonflies over the sun at dawn, his reflection is seen. Many rabbits tried to end his life in the east, but whoever went there was never seen again.” Then Jack told Phillip the story of the dragon. They thought for a while. Then they said to the rabbits,“We will help you”. Then the rabbit president came in his extremely shiny and long limo. He said,“It is impossible, but you may try. I will give you a kit for survival to reach the east.”

Then they began their journey. Days and Nights passed. Finally, after 1 light day (It was really far), they reached a mountain. Jack and Phillip trembled.

The dragon was very very very ginormous!

The dragon looked at Jack and Phillips's small eyes. The dragon's eyes were as tall as a giraffe!

The dragon shouted while spitting out fire, “Time for a feast!”

Then Jack noticed the dragon's ear. There was something black there. It was a black magic thorn!

That meant that someone cast a spell on the dragon. But who? Then Jack climbed over the dragon and pulled off the thorn. Then the dragon fainted. Then Phillip asked what happened to the dragon. Then Jack told him everything. When the Dragon got up, he remembered everything. He told them, "I was born on Dragon planet and I was a prince. When I grew up, it was very big. I had a very cruel brother. He put Black magic on me and sent me to the Planet of Rabbicida. But, when I entered there, because of the black magic, I too became cruel. So the planet was called as the Danger planet of Rabbicida. So now I will go and recapture Dragon planet. Bye!" Then Phillip stopped him. He told him to first help them by finding the prayer. The dragon agreed. Then Jack told"No! no! Let us first make the rabbit citizens that they are protected and the dragon is very kind". The Dragon, whose name was James, agreed. When they reached the cities, Phillip told them what happened. They were surprised. Then, James the Dragon said, "Now let's find the prayer in Mount Yo." When the rabbit citizens heard what the dragon said, they told that they will help. So then the Dragon carried them all on his enormous back. Then, when they reached Mount Yo, the Dragon carried the mountain on his back! Then, Jack took the paper with the prayer written. But, on paper, there was a joke! The Aliens had fooled them! James was so angry that he flew away with a flash. The President of Rabbicida said that it was bad to believe that dragon. Then, after some time the Dragon came by holding millions of………….

Alien dead bodies!!!

"I just killed them so you will get no problems!" Then Jack and Phillip went back to Earth. Everyone cheered their names. People made statues of them. But they also made statues of the Rabbits and the Dragon. Before Jack and Phillip reached Earth, James captured Dragon Planet and became the King. And the Danger Planet of Rabbicida was now called the Peace Planet of Rabbicida. 

But, a big black hole ate all the planets. Find out what happens next, in The Great escape of the Black Hole!

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