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Dr. Vikas Kumar Sharma

Children Stories Drama


Dr. Vikas Kumar Sharma

Children Stories Drama

The Five Sparrows

The Five Sparrows

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The Five Sparrows

A family of monkeys lived in Shri Ram Mandir in Bajrangpura temple. All the family members of monkeys visited the temple on Tuesdays, Hanuman jayanti, Ram Navami and Diwali week as they believed that Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram came in the temple on these days. It was Diwali week and Prime Minister had a visit of that temple. Ramu the head of monkeys took the charge of security. He appointed all the monkeys and gave them duties. All the monkeys spread in temple with red flags of Hanuman ji. Ramu sat on Sita Devi Chabutra in the temple. Monkeys did not allow people to come in temple premises but had a fun by removing their caps etc. and returned later on. Prime Minister came and enjoyed playing with monkeys. Priest was happy and appointed Ramu as the chief security officer of Shri Ram Mandir and gave him sweets and bananas.

Ramu brought sweets and bananas at home for his wife Sona and daughter Bijli. Ramu asked Sona that from last few days he was observing that some sparrows were coming to their home and filled their house full of positivity and happiness with their sweet musical chirping. But that day he could see no sparrow.

Sona said that Bijli was sad that day because she used to play with those sparrows and that day sparrows did not come.

In the mean time, Jony son of Ramu fired bombs on nearby trees. Ramu and Sona stopped him saying, "Jony don't explode bombs. Many birds and animals die of shocks because of loud noises of bombs. Smoke causes many diseases of eyes, skin and breathing problems."

Jony said, "It was Diwali and I will celebrate this way only." 

He did not listen to his parent and ran away from there. 

He went to Hanuman Market of Bajrangpura and stole bomb and rocket boxes. Then he went to Shwanpura, a village of dogs. He exploded bombs in house of dog Moti and ran away. Jooli, wife of Moti and his son Jorawar ran in fear. At night, Moti had a meeting of dogs to teach a lesson to the monkeys as they were in habit of creating problems for others in the name of Diwali week celebration. He asked dogs to make holes in ground. Jooli wife of Moti called sparrows to make a net to catch the monkeys. Sparrows said that they did not want to fall in the matter and would go to their relatives in jungle in Diwali week. They would sit on top of tree and would enjoy lighting from there. They advised same to the dogs to go to some far place. 

On the day of Diwali, Sona and Bijli were decorating on the roof. Suddenly some burning rockets fell on them from sky and burnt them. No one was at home to help them. When both were shouting, the Five sparrows reached there and make holes in pitcher kept at a height. Water flowed down and fell on Sona and Bijli. Both got relief from the burn.

Jony tied hundreds of bombs on tail of Daati, a cow. Daati went to complain Ramu. She said Ramu, "Today I was about to die of shock as your son Jony tied bombs on my tail and fired."

Ramu felt sorry and asked her where was Jony. Daati told him that she saw Jony running towards Shwanpura.

Ramu, Sona and Bijli went to Shwanpura. Ramu heard Moti and Jorawar saying to Jooli that food was very good. Jooli said it was good because the material came from Bajranpura. 

Ramu said to Sona, "I think they have cooked our Jony. "Sona cried, "It must not happen."

Ramu shouted on Moti and asked him about Jony. Moti said that he did not know about Jony. Ramu and Moti had a fight. Jooli, Jorawar, Sona and Bijli stopped them. Jooli said Ramu, "Trust us. We don't know about Jony. He exploded bombs on us and we wanted to teach him a lesson. But sparrows advised us not to fight with monkeys. Today we are celebrating our Diwali. We are in our village only."

Bijli suggested to check Jony in Hanuman Market. When they reached there, they saw Jony was caught in a cage by Baniya Halwai. Jony saw his family and started crying from the cage. Ramu said it is impossible to set Jony free from cage. People may kill us also. At this Sona started crying. They all went to Shri Ram Mandir, sat on Sita Devi Chabutra and prayed for Jony. 

Sona was crying for Jony.

Five sparrows came there and asked Sona not to cry. They said that they would help them to get Jony back. Sparrows made a strong rope. At night, Ramu tied one end of rope on cage door and sparrows pulled that from the sky. Jony came out of the cage. All were happy and thanked Five sparrows.

Five sparrows said, "We five sparrows are sisters. Naitikta, Unnati, Pratishtha, Aishwarya and Poonji. Jony tried to kill my sister Naitikta. So we all left from your life one by one.

Sona and Bijli are true souls so we came to help them when they got burnt because of rockets fired by you. Ramu is an honest devotee of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman so we had to come to help him to set you free.

You created unnecessary problems for others in the name of Diwali celebration. Because of loud noises of bombs birds and animals die of shocks. The smoke of crackers causes many eyes and skin diseases along with breathing problems. True devotees of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram celebrate Diwali very peacefully taking all together. Wrong things done by you for others always come back to you and your family.

Jony felt sorry to all and promised not to create problems for others in future. Ramu, Sona and Bijli requested Five sparrow to come to their house again. 

Five sparrows said, "We will come to your home to fill your house with positivity and happiness with our sweet musical chirping. We will always be with those who are on the path of Naitikta. We all Five sisters, Naitikta, Unnati, Pratishtha, Aishwarya and Poonji will never go away from their life."

All the Five sparrows started their sweet musical chirping saying, "Happy Diwali ! Safe Diwali ! Green Diwali ! Happy Diwali !"


Dr. Vikas Kumar Sharma

Hisar Haryana


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