The Easy Way Out

The Easy Way Out

4 mins

With tears in his crimson red eyes, glowing brighter than the boiling  June sun, filled with tears hotter than the moat of Lucifer himself, accommodating all the agony which one could possibly imagine under the roof of sky, through the hot and transparent bead of molten naked agony , his trembling sight encounters the vial labeled as ‘DANGER’ and stirred something within him.

The black and gloomy silhouette of the hollow eye sockets of cunning naked skull invited him with an assurance of mitigating his dolor.

With colossal strife, he rose and grabbed the vial with a feeling hitherto alien to him. With jittering hands and daunted heart, yet unequivocal will, he loosened the cap of bottle and withdrew three pink, harmless appearing pills not larger than his tiny fingernail.

With an earnest serenity in his mind and an agitated heart, he fixed his gaze at the depressed crease of the circular pill, depression which had no stature in front of the unfathomable depth to which his heart had already sunken. As a parting gift to his life, he granted permission to his mind to wander wild to whatever stretches it could , to whatever height it could and to whatever depth it could fathom  , for as long as it could.


Afraid of its imminent morbid conclusion, the devious mind labored to shake any reason to convince the murderous evil crooked heart to abnegate the thought of seizing its sinless life and ultimately, it found one.


Out of nowhere, the palpable face of his grieving mother over the white starch washed drape covering the still body of her hope, her will, her only child laying motionless on the floor tumbled in front of him.

His mother’s face had been dried along with the salt in her tears, veins on her forehead ready to burst anytime while her mouth opened as wide as her old jaw muscles could permit, displaying the void that the teeth fallen from her old age had left and her voice muffled with the throat dried up from crying and howling for several hours, unable to find any reason for going on in her life.

She was bewildered by the step her precious son had dared to consummate and tried to rote search her mind for any reason as to why this could have happened.


Standing on the doorway, his harmless father who never dared to even raise his voice, let alone his hand, on his pride; was paralyzed to do anything other than standing there lifelessly with hands folded for thanking the friends and relatives who cared enough to pay visit. His folded hands were jittering heavily in rhythm with the swollen sobs. The mere thought of carrying his lifeless dream over his shoulder had deprived him of all the energy. Not even the entire mass converted to energy combined with the pre-existing energy in all forms was enough to capacitate to lift the lifeless body of son and make the father carry him to pyre.


While struggling to lift one bier, it slipped from the father’s hand and struck hard with a thud on the floor and the father collapsed right away.


The thought of his father dropping the bier reflexed into the vial being slipping down from his sweaty hand.

The trembling hands were now steady with a new energy totally alien to understanding of anyone. At once, he stood up, tossed the three pink, harmless appearing pills to the other corner of gloomy room and switched on the lights. He charged upon the window and with an immense blow, opened it like a butterfly fluttering its wings.


‘The very idea of ending his life ended up ending its own.’ Tragic for the idea, joy for many. Gleaming with the newly found purpose of his life, which was hard to demarcate exactly at the moment, the intensity was replaced by a broad grin on his face.


“The easy way out was not that easy after all”, he murmured.    

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