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The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go

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When I participated in a yoga camp, there was great emphasis on the importance of letting go. I was able to practice this for a few days before I went back to my original self, the one who remembered everything that hurt her or upset her. It is easy to tell people to let go. But why do we find it so difficult to let go? Why is letting go the hardest asana?

Babies don't hold grudges because they live in the present. But as we grow older, we forget to find happiness in the moment that we are currently living in. We are constantly thinking about the past or the future. If you lived each moment fully with awareness, then you will not have to worry about anything.

Forgiveness is a virtue which is the most difficult to master. It's very easy to get angry. It takes just one second to get to the stage of anger while it takes ages to be calm. What would happen if you forgave everyone who hurt you? You will feel liberated, a liberation from the cage of anger and hate. This is the cage in which your peace is trapped. Let go of guilt, anger and hate. You will set yourself free then.

Practice what you preach. Don't you tell people around you to calm down and forgive others when they get angry? So why not practice it yourself.

Peace comes from within with great focus. Focus on building a strong focus. Spend ten minutes every day in silence. Go deeper within to discover your true self. One day you will realize that you came in this world without any baggage so why do you want to carry so much baggage when you leave?

Open your fist and let go of the sand,

Forgive everyone who hurt you as you open your hand,

What did you bring in this world when you arrive,

What will you take from the world when you die,

Hard it may seem but it's worth your time,

Let go of your past so your future can shine.

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