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Reet Admuthe

Drama Horror


Reet Admuthe

Drama Horror

That Horrifying Night Of Full

That Horrifying Night Of Full

2 mins 206 2 mins 206

How pleasant was that last night,

Sitting on a chair in the open space,

Gazing continuously to the full moon's face,

The night was passing with its own pace,

So the moon was moving towards the mid sky,

Everyone was sleeping peacefully in the midnight,

Only nocturnal creatures were making prodigious sounds,

But I was still in the open space,

Sitting at the same place and thinking about the galaxy and stars,

Suddenly something went inside my body,

That was just like cold bizarre,

In the same time, I lost my consciousness,

Only shivering in intense cold,

Fears were traumatizing me,

The wind roared and the bamboo's creeping sounds were increasing,

Full moonlight now looked so dull,

Because now I saw only darkness,

Suddenly I found someone's hand behind me,

That was continuously moving towards my neck,

Suddenly something stuck in my right leg,

I felt that it was a mole,

But I couldn't find anything,

My legs started shivering and my feet started freezing,

In that peaceful and dark night,

Haunted sounds were making me feel scary,

When I found that cold hand started freezing my neck,

I found my throat was unable to speak a word,

Blood was oozing out from my leg,

Whole body was craving in intense pain,

I was all relentless that I couldn't find my path,

Something was pinching inside my whole body,

And the giant wind was increasing my twinge 100 times,

I started groaning in pain just sitting on the same chair,

That night I found myself in my room,

And still, that Horrifying Night haunting my mind.

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