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Thank You, My Little Teachers

Thank You, My Little Teachers

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 I never wanted to become a teacher, but I became a teacher. It was not by my choice, it was God's choice.

Teaching thirty to forty students in a class and everyone wants you to listen to them. Their consistent complaints:" teacher, he's calling me mad, he's beating me...... " makes sometimes me mad.

Some students take interest in the class, some enjoy flying paper planes. Some love to bully others, some are busy in their own world.

Every day is a new day for the teacher, as the same lesson she has to teach in different ways.

But she feels happy when students get good grades.

It's more than enough for a teacher when students say: " you are my most favorite teacher ". 

When you're mood is down, and suddenly a child says in a class " you are looking, beautiful teacher." It lifts your spirit when after being on leave for a few days you go to school and your students say " never take a leaving teacher, we don't like another teacher".

It's so good to play with them, listen to all that they have to say.

The teacher forgets all worries and the pain she takes to become a good teacher, just to hear " you are my favorite teacher.

Yes, I love being a teacher. I am not only their teacher but my students are also my teacher. They teach me to smile and seeing life every day in a different way. So, thank you, my little teachers. 

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