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Hurry up! before its gone. Grab the BESTSELLERS now.

Strange Dream!!!

Strange Dream!!!

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Huge lightning struck our planet on December 21, 2012. There was darkness everywhere. I WAS SOUND ASLEEP IN MY BED’At that time I was dreaming about something very beautiful. In that dream I was driving a Ferrari on the beach road at vizag in full speed that too with a beautiful girl on my side. I stopped my car at HILTON hotel at Vizag beach. Wait a minute! How come there is hilton hotel in VIZAG…who cares its a dream. A huge crowd gathered in front of me when i got out of my car. There were cameras flashing everywhere. . people are dying to get my autograph…I went to the dinner table . . with my date holding my hand.

THERE were SHAHRUKH KHAN, KATRINA KAIF and some other celebs waiting for me at the dinner table. . SHAHRUKH: hey man. . how are you doing? read your latest novel. . I want to do a film on that. . KATRINA: Cmon shahrukh. . You know tom cruise has already signed sarilla . . we are just bollywood actors. . grow up shahrukh,,SHAHRUKH: heeyyyye kakakaka. . katrina chup kar yaar. . you know SARILLA is india’s most famous and handsome youth icon. . his reputation will put some weight into our films…THE HUGE LIGHTNING THAT STRUCK THAT NIGHT HAD CREATED ENOUGH SOUND TO WAKE ME UP FROM MY BEAUTIFUL DREAM…. I woke up and saw it was heavily raining. . so I went back to bed and slept thinking about how happier I would be if I were really that famous and successfull at such a young age as I was in THE DREAM that I was having before that stupid lightning disturbed my sleep. i woke up at 6 a. m in the morning still feeling drowsy. . and as usual I went to grab my newspaper . .

I opened the cebrity gossip page with no interest at all…and one second later I was dumbstruck…there was my photo along with Shahrukh and Katrina…having dinner at Hilton in Vizag…I just looked around. . To my surprise it no longer looked like my pathetic room in which I was staying…I was in a very big room with beautiful carpets all around with a mini theatre to watch films. . I went out of my room and there is a big swimming pool with my ferrari parked near the side . .

MY date in my dream was swimming in that pool…and signalled me to swim along with her…I was totally confused as to what is happening around…I tried to remember the previous events…. before going to bed I remember writing a short story for yourstoryclub. com which I have joined recently to unleash my creativity…but how come all this has happened in just one night…I looked at the sky…it wasn’t the same sky. . its more beautiful now. . the sun was rising in the west direction…

I TRIED TO REMEMBER THE DATE…IT WAS DECEMBER 21,2012. . I had read somewhere that something will happen on December 21,2012 but i wasn’t really a geek enough to understand things such as pole shift and galactic shift of our milk way galaxy…WHAT REALLY COULD HAVE HAPPENED THAT NIGHT WHEN LIGHTNING STRUCK…DID IT REALLY CHANGE ME AND THE SCENARIO IN WHICH I WAS LIVING…OR AM I STILL DREAMING.

I pinched myself,,,its real…

I jumped into the pool. . the water is so cold…

I know I would become famous one day but it was too much in just one night…

Then I went to the space museum cum library near by to find out what really happened…i found a book titled ” parallel universe and identities”…

After reading that book I came to know what could have really happened with me…and many others like me…

I was not a science fiction fan but i was sort of interested in these things because of their mysterious nature…and now it is no longer science fiction. .


LET ME EXPLAIN WHAT REALLY COULD HAVE HAPPENED…Have anyone of you ever wondered about this feeling of DEJA VU that creeps into your mind when you visit some placeor when you see someone, as if you have experienced that thing before or seen it or felt it elsewhere.

It occurred to me many times. It happens to us everywhere. It can be a classroom,your office or a movie theatre. Is it because of something that our mind projects or is it something that is beyond our senses . There are too many unanswered questions in our universe. REALITY – Is it the outcome of our thoughts or something that is beyond control. IS IT BECAUSE OF PARALLEL UNIVERSE THEORY. According to this theory. . there are other worlds which co exist in parallel to our world which cannot be trespassed by anyone of us.

That leads to a conclusion that there are planets identical to our earth in a different universe than ours. That means there must be someone who must exactly be identical to each and everyone of us in a different universe. YOU MUST BE WONDERING WHY I AM TELLING YOU ABOUT ALL THIS CRAP OF PARALLEL UNIVERSE AND PLANETS,

Because this is where DEJA VU comes into picture. DEJA VU AND OTHER WORLDS ARE INTER RELATED. . When you are doing something in this universe, your identical person in the other world is also doing the same thing but with a different outcome as yours. This feeling of DEJA VU that comes along when we go to some place or when doing something are actually the result of those events already experienced by our identical persons ( IPs in short) in the other world.

Human mind is a GREAT MYSTERY in itself. . Our mind wanders when we are asleep. Now tell me where do you think our mind wanders when we are asleep. Our mind knows no boundaries. It can trespass universes. . The dreams that everyone of of us having are actually the reality that is faced by our IPs in other worlds. Our subconscious mind knows many things but it hides many facts that keep us unaware of the mysteries that surround us. You may or may not succeed in a particular thing during your lifetime . You may or may not get the love you always wanted . You may or may not own a car and a beautiful bungalow. But don’t worry my friends your IPs may be succeeding in what you have failed to achieve. ON THAT STRANGE NIGHT . . WHEN THE LIGHTNING STRUCK…MY DREAM BECAME MY REALITY…OR YOU CAN SAY MY identical person’s ( IP’s) REALITY IN THE OTHER WORLD BECAME MY REALITY . .

IT MAY BECAUSE OF GALACTIC SHIFT i,e change in the axis of our galaxy…OR some other unknown POWER OF THE UNIVERSE…. I AM VERY THANKFUL FOR IT….

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