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Dinakar Reddy

Children Stories


Dinakar Reddy

Children Stories

Sid & The Naughty Squirrel

Sid & The Naughty Squirrel

2 mins 12.6K 2 mins 12.6K

The peepal tree beside the temple is fighting maximum to give shade to Sid sitting under it.

The branches are strong and the tree looks much older.

Sid is studying in the fourth standard in the school. He is one big puzzle to his parents.

Sid never had any friends. He always fights with everyone without any reason.

His father brought him to the temple. Sid is making tantrums to not go inside the temple. His father said to him to sit under the tree while his mother is lighting ideas under a peepal tree.

Sid felt lonely as there is no one to give him attention. Something hit his head. He found it was a peepal fruit. Again some fruits are falling on him continuously.

He found someone throwing fruits on him. It was a squirrel. The squirrel is a naughty one and it wanted to tease Sid.

Sid tried to catch the squirrel but it is so fast. It came almost near to him but he missed grabbing it.

While his mother showing Sid playing with squirrel to her husband he felt so delighted.

His father given some nuts to Sid and asked to keep them in his hand and open palm.

The squirrel first felt fear but it likes playing with Sid. So it came fast and took the nuts in his hand moved back to the tree branch.

Sid started jumping and laughing.

Sid, see there is a joy in giving. There is joy in sharing food, feelings with people.

From next time onwards do not fight with your classmates. Share your thoughts and make them friends.

Sid's father said this to him and his mother caressing his hair.

That naughty squirrel winked at Sid and it became his best friend.

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