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Puppy With His Puppy Land - Part 3

Puppy With His Puppy Land - Part 3

2 mins

This is Part 3.

After 1 month, he decided to make a raft to go back to the Human Land. The dog got happy and went back to his house. After 3 days, his raft got ready. Now he went near the sea and put his raft on the sea. He sat on the raft and went to his Human Land.

After 7 days, the puppy came to the Human Land. At night 12 am, the puppy barks to the front of the man who came to his Puppy Land. "Bhow! Bhow!" The man got up from his dream. He went outside from his house and saw that there is a puppy barking in front of his house. He can understand the puppy's language. The puppy was saying, "come here. I want to tell you something."

He took him inside the house and said- "Hey, why did you come here from your Puppy Land and what do you want to tell?" The puppy said, "Bhow! Bhow!" It means in human language, I am that puppy who gave him all the things that he needed.

The man said- "Oh, so I have to say you thank you gratefully. The puppy said- "This no... the... to say sorry." "But, why?" the man asked to him. "Because, the Puppy Land is in a big problem." "Ha! The Puppy Land is in a big problem, tell me."

"The Puppy Land is going under the water. We found one more land. But, we don't have rafts. When I see you, I believe that you can help me and our Puppy Land."

"Ok. I will help you to make rafts."

"Thank you so much."

"It's my work to help dogs and puppies but, I got a chance to save a whole Puppy Land. I will help you from the core of my heart."

After reaching the Puppy Land:

" Hey! I am back."

The officer came there and stopped him.

They say- "why did you bring a man in our land?"

Puppy said- "He will help us to make rafts to go to another island."

The man said- "Hi! I am here to help you not to hurt. I will make the rafts for you."

Do you think the puppies will agree? For this, read Part 4.

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