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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Harshit Suryavanshi

Children Stories Fantasy


Harshit Suryavanshi

Children Stories Fantasy

Protecting The Dwarf World

Protecting The Dwarf World

8 mins 338 8 mins 338

It was a pleasant morning and Jack and Jenny were ready to go on another adventure. Jack and Jenny were going to school with their friends; hey vacations are starting from tomorrow!! Said Jack, yes replied Harry, so were to go this time asked John. Last time when we went to the haunted house it was so interesting said Jenny, yes but the story of that old man was emotional said Annie, hmmm. Last time when I took out the last book I saw a book named “Protecting the Dwarf World” let’s go, that will be interesting too, said Jack. Yes we can try that tomorrow, ok so tomorrow 7am sharp at Harry’s house then from there to “The House of Magic” said Jenny. Last time we were not prepared so this time we will be prepared for the adventure, said Harry. “Ok” replied everyone

Next morning they all gathered at Harry’s house they all did their morning snacks their only and went towards “The House of Magic”. When they were their Jack took the book “Protecting the Dwarf World” to put it in the machine and the house did the same, it started to fly and fell down again and they were in the dwarf world.

Hey look from the window we are in the dwarf world!! Said, Harry. Hey see what’s there in that corner!! Said Jack.

I think that’s a treasure box, said Jenny “how can treasure be here in this house” replied Harry. Something is written on this box “in every story you will get gadgets from this box and they can help you to finish your given task” so we can get gadgets from this box which will help us, said lily. That’s good replied Annie. Let’s check out what in this box, said Jack. Then Jack opened the box and found a list of the gadgets and there uses.

The list was somewhat like this:-

Ø Miniature torch- this torch can turn anything small and if you press the red button of it and then turn on the torch so it will turn the thing to its normal size.(this is usable on humans also)

Ø Real Minecraft World game- in this you will get a device in which there is a game called Minecraft in which you can create anything (houses, buildings, trees and anything which is in real life) but in this device if you create anything that will be created in real world too.

Ø Guide book- from this book you can know anything you want to know about this dwarf world but when you ask a question the book will also ask a riddle from you if you answer it correct so the book will give you the answer of your question

Hey Jack you will keep the minecraft with you as you are good in gaming “ok” replied Jack to Jenny. And Harry can get the book as he is intelligent “ok” replied Harry to Jenny. And john will keep the torch, but why he is not good in anything asked Annie to Jenny “he is not so stupid that he cannot control a button” replied Jenny. Everyone started to laugh, and then everyone went out of the house and the thing what they saw was unimaginable…….

The people who lived there were as small as ants and the houses of the people were as toys which the friends had and the castle they saw was like the Disney Pixar castle’s miniature model……   

It was like they were giants for the dwarfs and the dwarfs were ants for them. The whole world of dwarfs were looking them like they were monsters then john suddenly threw the flash of the miniature torch on the house and on them then everyone was as small as ants and were equal to the dwarf. Then they all started to move forward after some steps they saw a house made up of iron they went inside the house and said “is someone here” asked Annie, no reply came they all started to explore the house they all went in the kitchen as they were hungry then Jack went towards the fridge and opened it and saw a cake in it Jack put the cake on the table and everyone started to eat it suddenly the main entrance gate started to open and a man came in he was a dwarf having a long beard.


  “Who are you” asked the dwarf. Everyone was scared; we are here to save you we have got this mission that the dwarf world is in danger we have to save it said Harry. Oh so you are the heroes who will save are world from Rhondan . I should go and tell the king about you, come with me. Then they all went with the dwarf to the king, when the dwarf told the king about the children.

 He was shocked and then the king took the children to the basement, all of them were shocked because thing they saw was incredible. They saw a monster killing the whole kingdom of the dwarfs and the king told them “the thing you are looking is of ten thousand years back and that is the god of the dwarfs that time he saved our ancestors and the god told them that after ten thousand years this monster will return and some children will come from future and save you and then he gave us the statue of the children” the king pointed towards the statue of the children then what they saw was that the statue was of them and they all decided to help the kingdom. But who is this monster, asked Jack he is the king of the dark world Rhondan.                      

Then the king took the children from the town and the king announced that “these are the heroes who will save our kingdom” said the king, but everyone was shocked that these children will save us from Rhondan. Then the king brought the statue of the children and told them that this was the statue the god gave to ancestors, when everyone saw the statue everyone got the proof that the children will save our world and the king renamed the group of children as THE HEROES for 2-3 days the children were roaming in the city and wherever they used to go everyone used to put their heads down and used to salute them. After some days started to prepare for the battle till the time Jack and the king was making the battleground for the battle the others were trying to find more about Rhondan “when will Rhondan come to the kingdom for attacking” asked Harry to the book “I have found the answer, but first answer the riddle, a doctor and a bus driver loves a girl and they both loves the same girl so ones the bus driver was taking many people on a trip for 5 days so the driver gave 5 apples to the girl why did he did that” asked the book as an apple a day keeps the doctor away answered john rapidly and everyone was saying that this would be not the right answer as you are not at all smart but the book said “ this is the right answer and your question’s answer is that he will come in next 4 days”  said the book, everyone started praising john. Everyone went to the castle and announced that Rhondan is coming in the next 4 days, everyone got very scared then a tournament got placed and the person who will win have to fight to Rhondan many people participated and who ever came in the fight was very happy as they were being turned big for the fight but Jack and Harry were defeating everyone, then the day came of the finals and the finalist were……..          


Jack and Harry came in the final round and the best friend would fight together the fight began and they both were on their place only thinking “I should fight or not” but then both decided that we will fight and then Jack came running and threw Harry on the other side and said sorry to Harry it’s ok said Harry then Harry came jumped from the corner of the ground on Jack and he got very angry and they both were no longer friends they were enemies they both started to fight like both are monsters but at last Jack threw Harry out of the battleground and Jack WON the match, and was decided as the best hero. 2 days were left for the battle with Rhondan and the other important thing was that Jack and Harry were not talking and they liked when they see each other’s face also…

Everyday day and night they used to think about each other only, and finally one day they decided that they will say sorry to each other. The next morning they met each other in the hall of the castle “I am sorry Harry, I should have not behaved with you like this” said Jack “no, no Jack it was my fault, don’t say sorry” replied Harry, it was no one’s fault now let's forget that thing. And prepare for the battle.

The next day was for the battle and they made the plan that when Jack will be fighting after some time he will act as he has lost the fight but then secretly Harry will attack from back and then at last when he will fall down john will put the flash of the miniature torch “so we can put the flash in the starting only” asked Jenny “nooo” replied Harry “but why” asked Annie because we have to do some fun also.

Then at 3 o’clock Rhondan came and started to attack the town then the children went to Rhondan and challenged him for the fight and that fellow accepted that also. Then they the same as they planed then from the flash john made Jack as the same height as Rhondan was and then Jack **punched** his face and then Rhondan got angry and kicked him and then Jack acted as he lost the fight but then Harry came from back and kicked Rhondan and then quickly john threw the flash of the torch on Rhondan and then he was as small as ants for the kingdom but for us he was like sand particles and then they put him in a bottle and he never came out of it, at last, the town and kingdom thanked them and they all went back home in the house of magic.

 The end      

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