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Harshit Suryavanshi

Children Stories Fantasy


Harshit Suryavanshi

Children Stories Fantasy

Mystery Of The Haunted House

Mystery Of The Haunted House

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Once there was a boy and a girl named Jack and Jenny who went to a house which was made up of wood with their friends. There in that house, there was a bookshelf and a machine In front of that bookshelf. Jack took a book named 'Resolving the mystery of the Haunted House". Then he put that book in the machine suddenly the house started to fly and fell down again on the ground. When they came out of the wood house they were in front of a mysterious house. When they went towards the entrance gate they saw written something on the gate “to go back from here you have to find the mystery of this house”. And when they went in, they realized it was a haunted house. At midnight when they were sleeping they got scared because the lights were turning on and off.


The next morning they started exploring the house and called their friends. When they went into room one, they found a photo frame and a map fell down. The map leads the way towards a dragon’s palace. Then they moved towards the room 2, there they found a time machine when they all sat in the time machine it started to vibrate it was vibrating very fast then everything was still and they realized that they have traveled back in time. When they were out of the time machine they saw that the time machine is damaged.

Suddenly they saw an old man coming towards them they were scared, who are you, asked Jack, I can help you all, replied the old man “to go back from here you will have to find the time stone which is in the dragon Dialgua’s palace, but remember Dialgua is not so kind so you will have to face many problems” but where is Dialgua??? asked Jack

The old man didn’t reply he just smiled and was vanished. Everyone was scared, what a weird place, said Jenny. From where will we find the way to that dragon Dialgua, hmm… hey Jack check your bag the map, ooh yes I think that will work here, but we only have the half part !! Wait a minute I think I have the half map I found this when we came here. Yay, now we can easily go to that Dialgua. Now let’s go!!

Hmm……. Now we have to turn right from here then strait then left and we are there!! Said, Harry.

 Now let’s go in, said Jack confidentially, what let’s go in, we are not at all prepared, saidHarry, I have a great plan listen we will go in………… (secret talks)

That’s a good plan, yes I think we will be successful, yes let’s try this now. Go there quietly; you also don’t make noise, Crk…. Shh what are you doing?

Who is there come in front, said Dialgua. I think he has spotted us said Jenny now run!!

Oh shits Dialgua has caught us!!!!! Who are you asked the dragon, we have come to kill you, said Lily. Haa haa you kids can never do that, you have come here from your own will but you will go from here when I wish (mean while Lily, Jenny and Annie were busy in engaging Dialgua in their talks Jack, Harry and John were secretly going to take the time stone) no said Annie , run!! Shouted John…           no you cannot go from here like this ….

After that when they all were out of the palace they all rushed towards the time machine John put the stone in the time machine, then the time machine was vibrating it was vibrating very fast then everything was still their back in the haunted house. When they were in haunted house they found a letter, “read what is written on it John” saidHarry.

“Take out the time stone and put the pearl on the entrance gate to find the mystery of the house” Harry read aloud. Which pearl we have to put on entrance gate???? Said Jack. First take out the time stone said Annie.

“Yes,” said John. When John took out the time stone it blasted and a pearl came out of it. Hey we got the pearl, said Jenny. Yay, we can now find the mystery of this house. “Now let’s go to the entrance gate,” said John. Jenny took the pearl to the entrance gate and put it on the gate suddenly the house started to shake then everything was still and the house was automatically formed as it was 20 years before then a soul came in front of them, hey this that old man, who are you, asked John. This was my house at some time. 

    “But how did this beautiful house turned like a spooky one” asked Jack. I will tell you the whole story, It was my anniversary; my wife was cooking food for me she didn’t noticed that the gas pipeline was leaking when my wife was lighting up the candle she threw the matchstick on the floor and the whole house burned. 

     Then the god of fire gave me a curse that till the time someone comes and put the pearl from the time stone your soul will not die in peace, but you all came to help me thanks for this, now it’s my time to go in the heavens.

     After that in few minutes the house and the old man were vanished. Hey where is the house?? Said Harry and where is that old man?? I think both of them have gone to heaven said Annie now let’s go to our parents would be worried for us said, Jenny. Yes, and promise me that no one will tell about this to anyone, said Harry yes we promise replied everyone. After that everyone went in the house of wood and Jack took out the book and the house started to fly and fell on the ground again then they were back to their house, then everyone decided to come to this house of wood in their next vacations. And they also named the house from “the house of wood” to “the house of magic”


v     Jack

v     Jenny

v     Harry

v     Lily

v      John

v     Annie

v     Dialgua

v     Old man/Soul  

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