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Nithyambigai Jeyaramachandran

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

Permanent Lockdown

Permanent Lockdown

3 mins

I never know it was going to an unusual morning to me. I woke up normally and got breaking news in all the channels.!!!!!

What was it?!!!

Corona.... Social distancing... Hand wash... Lock down....

Though it is killing virus. I was super happy that it is going to be lockdown and I can stay home. I don't want to have that long travel to office. By that time, i didn't realised what life is.

First day of lockdown started... 

Day started with yummy breakfast, delicious meal followed by special snacks and superb supper. 

It continued like that for 14 days.

Lockdown 2.0...

Already it started boring to the core. I was not able to go out.. Vent out... Stress overloaded... Depressed by not meeting my friends.. 

Lockdown 3.0...

By this time, like everyone I started to find the hidden talent of mine.. Started youtube channel.. Posted all the videos I can.. 

Lockdown 4.0...

Tired of seeing news and not interested to check on it.. Tired of all the routine things which I have done and very much tired to think of new things... 

Lockdown keeps on extending.... 

I'm surprisingly looking at my mom and granny.. They didn't complaint anything. They were working their daily chores. They are not stressed. They are not depressed. I got surprised!!!! Couldn't resist..

I asked my mom first....

She said, finally I'm getting precious time with you people. Which I started to miss it when I sent you to kinder garden classes.

Wow.. Why I didn't feel that happiness?

She continued, I'm happy that you are rid of cold packed food and started to eat freshly cooked food for all the times. She was blushing to say that this is very first time I am spending most of the days with your dad. He never stay at home as his business was like that. Though so many family are affected financially, every mom are happy about these things and she went to cook dinner for us. 

I got so many thoughts in my mind which I couldn't stop. I asked my granny what do you feel nanima. 

Her reply just made me cry. 

I never feel any lockdown. It is my usual way of living. I don't go out. I don't order my food outside. I don't hang out with my friends. I don't go and vent out to anyone. All my days after my marriage, I'm living this life. So I'm not finding any difference apart from the news which says many people died.

Mom called us to have dinner. 

After dinner, I was jotting down their life of permanent lockdown. Which they never complain. Salute to many people who find no difference in this lockdown because they are living this kind of life daily. 

Sometimes we are not looking at our nears and dears what they are going through. Instead, we worry about something and someone. 

Love to all those who are living their life without complaining... 

Hopefully, tomorrow's sunrise will have good news saying that this pandemic is over. 

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