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NewYou Noble Prize Winner

NewYou Noble Prize Winner

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A famous quote " For every successful man there is a very successful woman " is very true in life. Similarly, for every successful woman, there is a man behind them.

Once there lived a person named Raju who wanted to be successful in his life with the help of his wife Vidhya. He tried almost in all possible ways to come up in life.

Vidhya was happy to teach him strategies to be successful. Being inspired by her, he becomes a " NEW YOU" person. She was greatly helping him to gain popularity in his life. He was very happy while traveling his journey towards a Nobel Prize winner. All his friends were very happy and congratulated him. He never imagined that he will be a winner. He discussed with his friends about his wife who made him a great winner. He got prize money and award.

His success tips are

 1) to be truthful and honest

2) to be successful

3) dedication towards work

4) punctuality

5) focussed dream and ways to achieve it

6) he improved his knowledge and his personality

7) good habits in life

8) fresh, energetic and active

9) to be a smart person

10) get going and friendly characteristics

Finally, he was a great winner. He admired his " NEW YOU" personality to be a winner. 

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