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My Ever Shared Lunch Box

My Ever Shared Lunch Box

3 mins

A day or two it's ok. But why is she sharing my lunch as if it's her? That day Baaba also interfered in my lunch. " It's humane to share everything you have Aaku." Baaba told. "You only told that day na that you had to throw away whatsoever you can't take in your lunch."

"Yes Baaba" I agreed but with a behement of disagreement inside.

I think Baaba only prepares lunch for both of us. Since my Maa left abode, Baaba takes care of me and himself, does all the household work, and even attends our school with the same sincerity and punctuality as he has been performing for the last 16 years. Being so punctual for a peon is extraordinary. Everyone loves my Baaba as I do but I have questions unanswered. " Why does he always smile even if he earns just as much as he can feed us" I question myself always.

Sheena's mom must be doing great as she is the headmistress of the Girl's high school. Then why is she sharing my lunch every single day? I wonder. Leave it. I am not a foody, however. Thank God.

My first year with Sheena is almost coming to an end and still, I am no friend to her. It's a different thing altogether that she shares my lunchbox every single day.

6th standard year-end exams are nearby and I am the same gloomy boy since my second day at high school. She was sitting in the corner perhaps the day she joined my section. To my bad luck, she stood first in both the quarterly and half-yearly. And how on earth she is so prompt in maths.

Shall I ask her notes and ask if she can guide me a bit. Who cares? Let me ask today. Anyway, she is indebted to me. 

"Sheena" I shouted from the school gate as Baaba is yet to come from inside to pick me up on his cycle. She was walking and then suddenly stopped beneath the banyan tree. I thought she listened to my call. But what's that? She is talking to that all season beggar and receiving something. As I neared, I fell shocked. She is taking her lunch box perhaps from him.

"Whose lunch box is this Sheena?" I asked in surprise. "Is this yours?"

"Yes," she expressed with a smile. By that time Baaba was seeing me from the school gate and told me something that changed my life. 

Baaba stated something about Sheena. "The very first day I saw Sheena, I saw her giving her lunch box to that beggar and I had asked that day why is she doing so. She had told me that day that she may take pinches of food from all of her mates and by doing so everybody will have their prowess over her and she shall always be indebted towards everybody. That may take their shyness to ask her anything in return.'

"From that day, I had decided to prepare lunch for you both and asked her to share my son's lunch," Baaba said. " Sometimes it is better to take help from others as that makes the other person be in touch with you. At least the other one would get angry on you, may fight you a bit. These things bring back that humanly touch amongst us Aaku." Baaba explained to me a bit more, "You can give everything you have but you will get a little to feed your heart to bliss." I am a completely changed human from that evening.

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