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My Devotion

My Devotion

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Most of us believe in God or made to believe in God in one or the other way.

Some of the ways to express our belief in, going to temples, to have a patterned way of fasting for some duration, and donating money for the financial upliftment of temples. (Here temple refers to all kinds of religious place)

Hold on!

Don't you think that it's high time to update or rewrite the definition, conception and our interpretation on the entity called GOD from the very fundamental level.

If I was asked, what would be my definition. My definition on God would be (word God refers to Goddesses too ) it's a ray of hope to the people who worship, worship is a big word with many domains in it. I would use the word, belief. So its a ray of belief and hope in times of hardships, troubles.

What makes us feel sad, depresses in times of trouble is not the trouble but it is the feeling of being lonely. (Here, being lonely and being alone are contrasting topics) . The role of the god in times like these is, empowering the psych of the fighter in us. That's the reason behind linking problems with gods.

We are aware of this word *vrath*. People commit to this vrath basically like for 3, 5, 7 weeks. Reason for this is to gain courage. They in the duration of this vrath feels that they have strong connection with the God which implies that, they have optimistic approach towards life.

Some usual practices in the Hindu way of living and worshiping is offering the coconuts, preferring silk sarees over others, ringing the bell in temple, toe ring to recently married bride, bangles, garlanded greenish mango leaves at the entrances of the houses. I know that there are innumerable other things we have adopted in our day to day life. Very few that are referred here. Hindus believe, there exists some science being these rituals.

This article is intended to express my opinion on what I have known about the concept of *human service*. The phrase that would suits better is, "manava seve madhava seva". 

But what's the purpose in spending lakhs, crores of rupees in form of direct money or in the guise of gold, silver as offerings to God. But I doubt that these people would not have the heart to help atleast either directly or indirectly to the most deserved, needy poor who they see at the steps of the very temple they visit. 

I am not sure god would feel happy with these kind of deeds.

I would like to conclude, help the needy if you want to worship God in purest way.  "Helping hands are mightier than praying hands". This would make the concept of God more logical, meaningful and productive to all of us.

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