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Magical Frog

Magical Frog

4 mins

Once upon a time in a village named Bilaspur, there lived an old lady. She had a beautiful daughter. Her daughter liked cherries very much that she thought that there is no need to eat anything else. Whether it's morning or evening, she always wanted cherries. Her neighbor often called her "Cherry". 

Near Cherry's house there lived a clever witch. She was not only clever, but she also knew how to do black magic. In the witch's garden, there were many cherry trees. After seeing so many of her favorite fruit, Cherry wanted to eat all of them. 

She often climbed her house's fence and started eating the cherries. When the witch saw her she got really angry. One day, when Cherry was stealing from her garden the witch saw her and turned her into a frog as she was jealous of her beauty. She spelled on her that unless someone proposed her (the frog) her spell cannot be broken. 

The king of Bilaspur had three sons. The king was growing old and hence he wanted one of his sons to sit on the throne. The king told his sons that he will give them three challenges which they will have to complete to claim the throne. 

The first challenge was to find a cloth that will pass through a particular ring. The two sons went away while the third son couldn't think of anything. He sat under the tree shade near a river. From this river, a frog came out which was Cherry. 

Cherry was given the special power by the witch to speak. She asked the prince about his problem. The prince was surprised as to how could the frog talk. But he didn't ask anything to the frog. The prince narrated the challenge which was given by the king. The frog said, "Dear please wait a moment." And she went inside the pond. 

When she returned she gave him a small piece of cloth saying nothing. The prince went back with this cloth to the kingdom. His other sons had collected all kinds of cloth from the town. But as the king tried to pass each type of cloth through the ring, they failed. But now it was time for the youngest son's cloth. He gave his cloth to the king and fortunately the cloth passed through the ring. 

The youngest son won the first challenge.

Now it was time for the second challenge. The challenge was to find a puppy that could fit in this walnut cover. The two bigger sons went to find the puppies and take all the puppies they could find. But the youngest son again went to the same place. 

The frog came out and asked the prince about the challenge. The prince told her about the challenge. The frog again went to the pond and gave a small pup to the prince. The youngest son went back to the kingdom and gave his pup to the king. 

The king took all the puppies from his other sons and tried to put all of them one by one in the walnut cover. Again the youngest son won the challenge as the puppy he brought was the smallest.

The king announced the last challenge that was to find a beautiful girl to marry. All the songs were happy except for the youngest one. The youngest son was very sad and was walking. By chance, he again went to the same place. The frog came outside again and asked him his problem.

But this time, the prince ignored her as he felt that she couldn't be of any help in this. But the frog forced the prince to tell him about the challenge. Then the prince told her.    

To this, the frog said, "I will help you. You can return to your kingdom peacefully without seeing back." 

The youngest prince went back to the kingdom without turning back. But after some time he saw that there were some animals controlling the palanquin and the same frog inside it. But after some time the frog turns into a beautiful girl, that was Cherry and the other animals into humans. 

He understood that this is the girl who had helped her in all the challenges. 

As Cherry and the youngest prince went to the kingdom. Everyone was surprised to see such a beautiful girl. His elder brothers were jealous of him. But the king announced his youngest son as the new king and also married him to Cherry. 

Now the youngest son and Cherry lived happily ever after.

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