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Look both ways

Look both ways

3 mins

I take a deep breath. Outside, I’m strong but on the inside, I'm like a little caterpillar curled up into a ball, about to be squished by a human foot. The clouds are blanketing the sky which is dark grey as if it is about to rain. A small drop of rain hits my head and I start to walk forward. I look both ways, then I cross the road in front of my school where my singing audition is. Seconds later, a loud scream fills my ears from behind me. A short girl kid with short jet-black hair is standing right in front of a car in the middle of the road which I just had crossed. The driver comes out and slams the door behind him, his face filled with panic and anxiety. 

“Are you okay?” he questions the kid, his face sweating. 

“Yes sir,” she said timidly. 

She nods, takes a big gulp, and walks toward me as if nothing had happened, but I can tell she is terrified. I notice that the car is painted and it says something. The words are painted in bright neon pink: If I can sing, you can sing. I smile. It must be some sort of sign from above telling me I can do it! Grandma would always keep telling me to always be aware of signs from above. I shrug, turn around and continue walking toward my school. 

I enter the auditorium and the bright lights are focused on the stage where there is a girl. My shoulders relax as soon as I hear her voice and I am brought back to the reality of my audition. Her soothing voice fills the whole auditorium and calms everybody down. It is very soft and delicate just like an angel. I head backstage.

“Aspen Willson”

As soon as I hear my name, I shake myself, take a deep breath, and step out into the spotlight. I slightly smile. I can feel myself shaking, my hands starting to sweat, and my heart pounding as if it is stuck in a jail and wants to get out. 

   I clutch the music in my hand. I stand in the awkward silence as I wait for the backing track to start playing. The director of the audition in the neat bun in front of the stage sitting on a chair in front of a table raises her eyebrows and lowers her glasses. That's the moment I realize I was supposed to sing acapella, without any music.

“Honey, are you going to sing?” She asks.

I shake my head side to side and run off the stage, tears forming in my eyes. I grab my backpack and umbrella and head out of the school, rain pouring down on me. My thoughts are going everywhere like popcorn popping. Why did you do that? How could you just leave the audition like that? You won’t get a second chance now, so what are you going to do? You have ruined your whole life! You won’t sing ever again! 

I burst into tears, cover my eyes, and keep walking. 

   A car horn surprises me and I stop in my tracks. Time freezes for a few seconds as I stare at the situation. There is a big car about five feet away from me. I am petrified as if I am turned to stone, too shocked and scared to move. Before I know it, my life flashes before my eyes. My stomach is hit with such an impact I am thrown aside and I lie on the side of the road. Immediately, I think about the girl I saw before and how lucky she was not to get hit. I taste metallic blood in my mouth and with my eyes starting to blur out, the driver comes out of the car and shakes me. I can hear him yelling faintly for help as my eyes close and I slowly drift away towards the light.

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