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Children Stories Drama

Little Angels

Little Angels

6 mins

A merry sunshine showers on rich people, this was the thought endured in the brain of sweet, little, smart, and brave girl Disha. She was from a very poor family and her parents used to work for the rich person named Balwant Seth, in the village called Baheli in Bihar. He was crueler than an evil and he was so greedy that he could take out blood from poor family members who used to work at his farm and were not paid, as they were deceived and fooled by this crafty man. Balwant Seth had a wife and a son named Bala. Even this Bala and Balwant's wife were the worm of the same species. Even they used to be very brutal, moron, barbaric, and abhorrently callous.

Disha used to go to the house of Balwant Rajput and had to work with her parents to earn a living . Bala was ten years old and Disha was nine. Bala never dropped a single chance of troubling her and thrashed her so badly but she never told her parents about it as she thought she was a brave girl. All the villagers liked this little girl, she helped these poor villagers every time whenever they needed it. Disha loved going to the forest area and enjoying the beauty of nature. She mostly cared for mother nature as whenever her parents had nothing to eat, she used to bring fruits and vegetables from the forest. Many times they had nothing to eat as Balwant made this villager a slave. Poor villagers had no idea why they were enslaved by Balwant. Everyone in the village was poor and mostly had got no money and had a scarcity of food. They worked in the field for the whole day and in the night they slept with empty stomachs. Balwant hid the condition of poor villagers from the state government and slavery is a crime, as said in our constitution. So he did this brutality very secretly and villagers were unknown to it as they were all illiterate.

Once, a miracle happened, as due to election, the State Chief minister was about to come to this village for an election campaign. This news was like a poison to Balwant. He secretly held a meeting and talked about this with his people who played a great role in his dictatorship. That day, by God's grace, Disha was working close to that room where the meeting was held. At first, she did not understand anything but after a few minutes, she got to understand the whole scenario as she was very smart. She was now acquainted with the fact that this was a golden chance for her to free herself and other villagers from the rule of the Balwant. She made a strong and good tactical plan to reveal the black secret of Balwant in front of the State chief minister. She also involved her two friends named Raju and Jaggu who were very good friends of hers. These three little kids planned the role of everyone and the next day executed accordingly.

Balwant adorned the whole village as if their village was the maha Nagar and one of the best places to stay. The chief minister's car arrived with the full commando security and safety. So many officers were running around him to help him in every single work, but it seemed that he wanted it to do on his own. There was a kind of peaceful expression on his face and actually he was a great political leader, who worked for the people and had a great history of his family. People loved him more than their life and were a great personality who was very adorable. All the villagers were standing there and were given a holiday that day just to show off.

Dish, Jaggu, Raju were also standing nearby and watching the event and were waiting for the correct time. Firstly there was a great mesmerizing speech by the Chief minister after that he talked to Balwant and went to his restroom at Balwant's place. Balwant had made great arrangements for him. Disha also reached there with her friends.

She went inside hiding from other guards and saw the room of CM and tried to get inside but that was very difficult. Even after so many plans, they could not reach to him and unluckily they were caught by the guards and were thrown out. Now, within a few minutes, CM was about to leave and these kids got no chance to meet him and reveal the secret. Disha had lots of clues to expose Balwant, as she worked hard to collect them. In the end, she decided on the last plan which was very dangerous.

The CM's vehicle was about to pass by the nearby road to them. She told her friends to wait for the vehicle by the nearby road and told them that she was going to risk her life by standing in the middle of the road to stop the Chief minister's car.

The vehicle arrived and she had stood in the middle of the road. She was afraid but this was the only way to set her village free from the misery. The vehicle was so fast that anyone could be crushed on the road in the middle. The car came nearby and she was a few centimeters away and suddenly vehicle stops and a commando came out to move her away. As the guard came, she screamed for the CM and begged the guards to allow her to meet CM. At first, no one listened to her but after some minutes of her melodrama, they told her to wait. One of the guards went to the minister and asked him about the little girl. He immediately allowed her and as soon as she heard about it she ran and went to the CM.

She told him briefly about the condition of her village and exposed the Balwant by showing all the proofs. She also told him to check on his own and know the condition. So the minister sent one guard to know the truth. Guard went and told that whatever the girl said was right.

As soon as the minister got the news, he ordered the commandos and police to arrest him and put him behind the jail. The village people did not understand this at first but after Disha told them the whole story, they drenched in the shower of happiness and started the celebration. They thanked Disha and her two friends. They held Disha, Jaggu, and Raju in their arms and embraced them with joy. Everyone danced and enjoyed it.

The Chief Minister sent the officers and announced that this village would be governed by him and will be taken care of by him personally. He awarded the three little angels named Disha, Raju, Jaggu and gave them government scholarship to them for their further studies. After this, joy and happiness went all around the village and everyone had enough to eat and also to educate their children. The village was now transforming into a maha Nagar under the Chief Minister's administration. The statue was made for Disha, Jaggu, Raju, and Chief minister. The village always remembered the three little angels and worshipped the statues like God.

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