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Just a Mom

Just a Mom

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Tagging moms as stay at home or working is like casteism of human beings; where each group is trying to justify why they are being so.. But let me tell you all.. don’t try to rationalise because you are ‘Just a “MOM”’.

Whatever you do all day; house chores, meeting project deadlines, cooking and feeding or paying EMIs; and on and on.. at your heart you are still ‘Just a “MOM”’.

A Mom who gets tired running behind a toddler whole day ensuring safety. 

A Mom who is exhausted finishing her critical assignment at hand making sure she reaches home on time before nanny leaves.

A Mom who is putting all efforts to get the best and tastiest dishes but heartbroken when the munchkin rejects it.

A Mom who is worried if the day caretaker fed the meals on time or just put it away, lest are they maintaining appropriate hygiene.

A Mom who had suffered mastitis but still managed to breastfeed baby for 2 years.

A Mom who had to give up breastfeeding due to unavoidable medical conditions.

A Mom who exercised well and maintained healthy lifestyle during pregnancy still had to cut herself up and Csection remove the baby.

A Mom who endured labour for 15 hours and teared herself up to push the baby out breathing. 

A Mom who is managing limited finances but still meeting all needs.

A Mom earning loads but anguished to leave the baby with another woman for few hours.

This is just an iota of what a Mom can be and there are tons of pages to add and will take ages to read if I go on.

Whoever you are, the heart is always heavy when baby cries in pain, despaired to see their cuts and scratches from falls, miserable if they are unwell, dejected when they are away from your eyes be it some minutes or hours. BUT captivated when you hold them for the first time, delighted with their million dollar smile, thrilled to see their first walk, allured by their clingy hugs.. 

That heart is full of mixed emotions .. coz at the end it’s the heart of ‘Just a “Mom”’.

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