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Drama Romance

Infatuation Turns Into Love

Infatuation Turns Into Love

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I came across Swagata for the very first time while I took admission to the computer training centre for doing the Advance Diploma course in Information Technology Application. When for the first time our eyes met, a feeling that finally I have found the right person with whom I can spend my whole life. In my eyes, she was splendid. Her eyes resembled the eyes of a fawn, her neck was like the conch shell, her cheeks were soft, reddened and takes after the apple of the Kashmir valley, her tuft of curly hairs were fascinating, her lock could steal the heart of a man at any time. For me, she was just perfect. Her never-failing beauty could even surpass that of Venus or Aphrodisia. Her arms were soft, round and well-toned. Her voice would resemble like a cuckoo.

When I met her for the first time, I fell for her. I would arrive ten minutes before the start of a class and never miss a class just to see her. She was lovely. She started to come in my dreams. I were desperate to talk with her at least a single word, to see her, to touch her. I was so much desperate. Thus, began my infatuation.

The infatuation was exciting. I was overwhelmed with the excitement of being involved in romance for the first time, the intrigue of exploring intimacy was fascinating, the emotional fulfillment along with a sense of contentment was enthralling for me. When I would meet her for the first time, my mind was filled with an euphoria. I were struck by Cupid's arrow. She became my obsession, her presence became my compulsion.

But, to convert infatuation into love , requires some sincere efforts from the innermost core of the soul. When I went near her, she would seem to avoid me, even ignore me. One day, I was staring at her at a glance in the class and I looked at her. Our eyes met. A thunder passed through my body. She was staring at me! My heart started to beat faster and faster. Soon she moved her sight away. My heart broke. I felt the pain of ignorance. Finally I was so desperate to write her a letter expressing my love. Somehow , I was able to keep that in her bag. In this letter, I kept my name anonymous. I was overwhelmed with anxiety but still indulged in her lovely soothing thoughts. Next day, I heard that she was discussing with her intimate friends about the love letter and they all burst out laughing. She was making jokes. From there ongoing discussion, I came to know that all of them were wondering about the person who had done this. They had not been able to recognise my handwriting. They were flabbergasted. For me, this particular moment was just like the song, "Jaadu Teri Nazar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Khusbu Tera Badan". Finally I was able to express my deepest emotion to her. I was like a free bird, free to fly, -free of all the reservations.

In this way, six months passed. First semester came. My adrenaline begins to run fast and faster. But, I kept my head all the time. Finally, when the results came out, it was found that I was the highest mark holder. In fact not the highest mark holder, record marks holder!This incident changed the whole situation. A wind of changes came!

At first, I was introvert, just had few friends. But now all of a sudden, I became popular among my batchmates and even the teachers. Previously, there was bad blood between me and Dhruva sir. But with little bit efforts and time, I became favourite to him. Girls began to like me. Even the girls who had made jokes of my loveletter written to Swagata, became my friends and fans. Swagata made friendship with me. She was totally ignorant of the fact that I was her secret lover. For me it was a stunning experience!I could still remember the day when she first talked with me for the very first time. It was one of the memorable events for me. Sill now I am obsessed with its sweet nostalgia.

Thus, I came closer to Swagata. Finally on the occasion of the Valentine's Day, I proposed Swagata. The nature had dressed itself up just like a queen. In the blue clear sky, bright sun was shining. Trees were ornamented with colourful flowers. Was blowing the cool air whistling in the ears of the lovers that love is in the air. In this breathtaking weather and magical surroundings, in trembling voice, I expressed my deepest feeling for her in front of her. All through the conversation, I didn't move my eyes away from her.

Then to my shock, she said 'Yes, I love you. I want you. "I was filled with joy, overwhelmed with gratitude. I at first thanked God for he had fulfilled my desire and then I thanked her for she had cared for my feelings.

Even today we are life partners. In our relationship, misunderstandings came numerous times. Smokes of conceit, clouds of complacency have accumulated. But when the light of love and honesty fell, all clouds disappeared. Thus it is said, "Agar sacche dil se kisi cheese ko chaho, to sari kaaynaad usse tumhe milane ki saazish mein lag jati hei."

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