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ashok Sanki



ashok Sanki


Helpless Bachelor

Helpless Bachelor

4 mins 341 4 mins 341

The story begins with the most pleasant life of a boy child with a brother of three in a middle-class family namely Ashish the eldest, Sunil the middle and Dipankar the youngest.

As a child all the three brothers started their journey life together, born in a middle-class family it's very difficult for a government salaried parent to fulfill all the basic needs of their children.

Three brothers are playful at their childhood and rather good in studies, the younger brother is not so good at studies, mother played a very important role in their education as she doesn't allow them to play with children in their society because of bad locality and few that her child also not start speaking bad words.

Slowly slowly journey began. Ashish was very good in studies and Sunil was a hard-working boy but the memory was not so sharp they all manage to complete graduation from a good university while studying Ashish and Sunil started coaching to fulfill their basic necessities.

Now all three of them were twenty plus, out of three Sunil started doing LLb and coaching with a hope that he will become a good advocate at that time Depakar was on last year of B.Com.

Now the real problem started all grown-up time alarming fathers retirement from a government job, till now whatever pleasure full life all threw brother use to spend is seem like to come to an end.

Whatever PF, after retirement was spent to buy a bungalow of 2bhk and family member, were five.

Now the real fight between brother started related to residence in 2bhk with a big hall one room was build in such a way whose door was not connected with the main room it was totally outside the bungalow, and it was hired by Sunil. The room was full with bed, dressing table, cupboard, and many more thing but the room was of no use to sleep at night as its door open outside without any toilet facilities. As the room was totally packed with Sunil's asset which was hated by Ashish.

Out of three, Sunil was fond of luxurious life he used to buy whatever luxury items needed to decorate their home. The eldest brother was very lazy and easy going life.

Then the real quarrel begins whatever Household things brought by Sunil was not like by Ashish.

As Ashish wants to stay separately by selling their father's property. One side the bungalow was kept for sale and the other side father's health got deteriorated by dealing with such shock,finally, the bungalow was sold whatever amount got from selling was distributed equally among all the members.

As the family stays for one month after selling as all the brothers are not getting proper flat or house with such partition amount. On one side the renovation work started by the buyer of the bungalow and the other side father was hospitalized and was taken to Mumbai for treatment. After coming from the hospital can you imagine what was the feeling in the father's heart who spent all his earning in making that bungalow in front of him the renovation was going on, the broken walls windows shouting and shouting why such things happen. All three brothers manage to buy separate home eldest and the youngest brother buys flat on the same building and Sunil in separates building on loan. Finally, father passed away during such time Sunil completed his B.ed also and join some local school. When father was there Sunil and Ashish not talked properly for two years and after father's death all three brothers reunited.

Now the age passes in such busy and wholesome life in wearing and tearing and in paying the loan amount. All the three brothers Crosses 35 the youngest brother Dipankar turn to be brilliant in college and became a professor in college.

Sunil still running coaching and teaching as an assistant teacher in some school.

Eldest brother got married to his lovers during college life.

During such a period Sunil was in relationships with a girl whole two years their relationship continues with the hope that they will get married. All of a sudden the relationship broke accidentally. After few years Sunil again in relationships with some other girl and that also broken. NoSunil is a mental trauma, he lost all his faith for girls.

Still the first two brothers are unmarried and lonely. Now Sunil even after clearly house loan amount remain unmarried. What a life of all three brothers only the youngest brother settled and other two life f struggles continued

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