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Headmaster’s Proposal

Headmaster’s Proposal

4 mins

For a change, Krish decided to visit the school along with his cousin Bapi. They two sit together. He found other children very happy and excited, not nervous, and confused like him. Their excitement and nervousness put him into new trouble. He failed to decide either staying there or running away like before.

By that time a teacher entered the classroom. He seemed to be in a jolly mood. Everyone laughed with him, Krish too joined; otherwise the teacher might take offense. He keenly followed Bapi and kept on imitating him as he knew nothing about student's conduct in a school.

The teacher started explaining students' roll numbers one by one and repeatedly asked them to remember that for the rest of the year. Bapi was very lucky, he got roll no 1 which Krish wished to have. It would be very easy for him to remember as his memory being very slippery as a bar of soap.

Anyway, his roll number discussion came to an end but Krish was not given any. When he asked about his roll number, the teacher looked at him carefully and asked his name.

Krish instantly answered.

Nodding his head he searched that name in the register but in vain.

Then the teacher handed over the register to Krish and asked him to go to the headmaster.

He came out from that class with the register in his hand. Initially, he didn’t understand the gravity of the situation. On the very first day of school, he was asked to visit the headmaster. As he muttered the word “Headmaster”, he became extremely nervous and couldn't decide anything.

Being extremely nervous he decided to run away like before but the register put him into new trouble. His Granny taught; taking other's things without permission was stealing and the result of stealing was well known, not necessary to tell again. Somehow he peeped into the room.

The headmaster didn't have an office as such. He used to sit in a classroom. That was his office cum classroom. He saw him talking to another man. Getting the scope he slipped into the room and discovered Boga and Pancha sitting at the farthest corner of the classroom. They were playing silently and other boys and girls were busy too. His friends called him by their hands but he didn't respond.

He found only one girl sobbing sitting on her seat and her nose was releasing more water than her eyes. He didn't feel pity for her as his fate, till then, was unknown. He looked at the other fearless children.

“Why are you standing, my boy?” The headmaster asked. Krish discovered the man with whom he was talking, vanished.

Showing the register he muttered, “My name not here.”

The headmaster asked his name; he told. He searched his name there and finally announced, “Yes your name is not available in the register of class ll.”

His hope rose high. The headmaster searched another register and thoughtfully asked him, “Did you sit in class I exam?”

To this, his friends Boga and Pancha answered together, “No sir, he went to visit his uncle’s house then.”

Looking at Krish carefully the headmaster announced, “Your name is in class one now. You sit in this class.”

Denying his order, Krish said, “I want to sit in class II, along with Bapi.”

In spite of being angry, the headmaster smiled and nodding his head said, “Yes once you pass a class I exam, you will go to class II.”

Krish became sad about not getting a chance to sit with Bapi.

Reading his face the headmaster understood something and in order to convince Krish, he informed that Bala and Pancha too had to remain in class as they failed.

Krish replied desperately, “But I didn't fail!”

The headmaster made a sound in his mouth and nodding his head he gave him an alternative proposal, “Ok from now you will be in the upper one. Is it all right?”

He uttered 'upper one ' in such a convincing manner that Krish could not deny the headmaster’s proposal, rather he agreed with him happily.

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