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Sneha Chatterjee

Children Stories Drama Inspirational



3 mins

Ruchi has come to visit her uncle who is a farmer living in the village, she sees nature and enjoys the greenery.

She always complaints about not being the same.

She wants to learn fishing and so One day asks her uncle to teach her so, her uncle asks to her to get ready.

They reach the pond and they take out their fishing rods and put a bait onto it,

Many fishes have been caught by Ruchi's uncle but she couldn't catch even one, she laughs seeing those fishes in red and feels pity for them and asks her uncle to let them go.

Every day Ruchi would go to the pond and would look at the pond and talk with the fishes, her uncle would laugh at her but she would continue talking with them and spend hours together. She also learns fishing but leaves out the catches fishes onto the pond.

Ruchi smells something weird and foul and tells her uncle, he tells it might be the fishes.  

The next day her uncle wanted to catch some fishes, Ruchi went along, even after hours her uncle couldn't catch a single fish though he was an expert.

Ruchi couldn't see any fish as well, then came a huge wave and left many dead fishes onto the shore, Ruchi was surprised and had tears in eyes, she asked her uncle for the reason, her uncle examined the water and fishes and said"Oh! This is because of your father! He puts chemicals onto the pond form his factory, I have asked him not to do so, many times but he doesn't listen to me and that's why we don't talk with each other. "

Ruchi was surprised and went to her father's chemical factory on the other end of the pond and said him to stop pouring chemicals into the pond as the fishes are dying and it's not good for our health as well, her father was angry and said"Oh, so Soma has taken you onto his side by telling you about the pond", Ruchi said but her father didn't listen and poured a huge container of chemical onto the pond in front of her, Ruchi suddenly jumped onto the pond and father started to shout as she didn't know swimming would consume the dangerous water, his brother Soma came to her rescue and took her to a hospital, the doctor said that she has consumed a lot of chemical which is dangerous. Ruchi's father was in tears and Soma consoled him.

After few hours the doctor said that she was now fine and they could meet her, Ruchi's after asked her the reason to do such a thing, Ruchi said: "Appa, if I wouldn't have risked my life you would have rushed the villagers life and fishes life and would have never realised the danger of the chemical", her father was in tears and stopped polluting the water.

Soma and Ruchi's father were again brothers like before and they would go fishing together on Sundays as well.

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