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There were two friends in a village. The name of one boy was Babul and the other was Anshu. Babul and Anshu both read in the same class. Anshu was studying well in his class and Babul wasn't. Babul was a very smart and talkative boy.

While they were writing the exam both, Anshu had got a good result and Babul got to fail. In every time of exam Anshu was getting good result from his class and Babul can't. But they were very closed in friendship. One couldn't stay without seeing to the other. Their friendship was as like as sun and moon.

Babul's parent was not happy for his study. His memory power was very less. He was not caring for his study. He was a good friend to his other classmates. He was very amicable. He was very smart. He was very kind-hearted. But he was very weak in lessons.

Anshu got a top result for his matriculation but Babul failed with below 30 percent of mark. After his result, his parents irritated for his study and they advised him to do any business. Babul started a business with his father and joined with the club of his village. Babul was very helpful for villagers. He fond of helping the poor people of his village.

Anshu joined in his intermediate of science and also got a good result from it. He was in the top tenth position in ISC of India. Many colleges invited him to take the admission in bachelor of science. Then he joined in BSc. After completed his BSc he had completed MBBS to became a doctor. He went to a city to stay in government hospital.

Now Anshu was a talented and brilliant doctor of India. He could able to cure any disease. Became famous and was in all patient's hearts. Dr. Anshu was a doctor one who can cure any disease. Each and every patients had confidence in his treatment. As his treatment and service to a patient was very well.

A time came to the family of Anshu. Now Anshu is going to get the Indian top level of Doctor award. His parents were very glad about this award but Anshu was thinking about his childhood friend Babul. " Where is Babul now? If he was with me he will become very happy after listening this news". Anshu thought and thought about his childhood friend Babul.

Today is the day that Anshu will go to the stage and will collect his great award. Anshu went near to the stage. Lo!

Babul one who became a health minister of India is now presenting the great award to Anshu.

Babul said: "Anshu my dear friend I am proud of you. You will become the best doctor of our nation".

Anshu: " I am also proud of you Babul because you also became a minister of India ".

Anshu hug to Babul with tears. Thank you, my dear, that you reach on your goal and ambition.

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