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Children Stories Drama Inspirational


~t@m@nn@ P@te|™

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

A Girl With No Brains!!

A Girl With No Brains!!

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Seema a small little girl was born in Village Rampur and lived with her father; her mother had died due to a heart attack. 

Seema was a girl with many creative ideas. Her level of thinking was extreme, but the problem was she is not able to understand what the real world is and that what she thinks.

Whenever her father tells her to do something, she would gracefully try and complete the work but at the end her all efforts were in vain.

What ever work she do was no at all proper according to her father and the people around would complain about her dumbness and make fun of her. 

Later she would get scolding from her father

And her father would curse himself to have such a dumb child.

Seema was very guilty, sad and broken from these

Friends and people who make fun of her.

Her friends would tease her by saying "dumb girl" all the time.

Seema was disappointed and thought that she was the most unlucky girl who was not given brains.

Many days passed, one day a boy named jay, was passing through the bank of a river. He heard a small voice crying. As he grew closer he saw a girl crying bitterly with a tiny red face.

He asked the reason for her sobs she ignored him and continued to cry. Jay was kind-hearted and so he offered her his water and made her comfortable.

After a while Seema became quiet and looked towards Jay with eyes full of tears, jay was waiting for her to say what has happened.

Meanwhile her friends Ria, Rekha, Sam ajd Suman came near the bank of river to play games as they saw Seema they started making fun of her, as usual they did before.

Seema was a girl who cried very easily. As the boys an girls made fun of her she ran in the bushes to hide her face. 

Jay had made friends with the boys and decided to play with them as he didn't care for Seema who was a dumb and foolish girl who always cried.

 Evening passed and all the boys decided to go home as all the boys and girls came out of the river and start their way home.


On the way there came a dense forest which leads to the village of Rampur. As the group headed towards the jungle freely enjoying their day and singing melodious songs. They never knew what was going to happen the next moment.

In the bushes, exclaimed a girl with frightening voice, eyes full of terror, ria got a jerk form inside.

She slowly took a step back as something was making her feel so weak. All the boys and girls looked towards Ria.

As she pointed the bushes, out came a big wolf with red eyes, his mouth was full of saliva, big yellow teeth which was waiting to to tear up each one's body.

All of them were stunned ! Their legs froze on the ground their hearts with low pulse.

 As the wolf grew closer and closer no chance to breathe, an arrow came up from a tree and hit the wolf on his hind leg. Run ! came a voice up from a tree.

She was Seema pulling an arrow again to kill the wolf. The wolf was angrily running here and there with his wounded leg. Seema hit the wolf agian on his back and the wolf died taking his last two breath.

Seema was very good at archery which was taught by her mother when she was 5 years old.

She saved her friends from the wolf and came back to the village.

All her friends told their parents what had happened. Every one praised her and thanked her for saving the lives of their children.

And from that day onwards no one teased her by saying "dumb girl".

 Her father was proud of his daughter and that was the luckiest day for Seema who was smiling and appreciating herself.

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