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Aarush Shrivastava

Children Stories Drama

A Clever Teddy Bear

A Clever Teddy Bear

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Once there lived a kind, cute and clever teddy in a small city. It uses to live on the kinder garden class's toy shelve. Everyone in the children group uses to misbehave with the toys in the class. Out of all children, only one of them played with them nicely and the little boy was Gale. Gale was an intelligent kindhearted boy. He was new to the school and had recently moved to the city.

One day the teddy bear decided to walk into Gale's bag secretly. When Gale arrived home, he started calling out for his parents. No one was there at home except for his aunt. Gale thought they have gone out for a reason. So Gale returned back to his room. By that time the little teddy bear got an idea to make Gale his friend. The teddy bear was thinking of different ways to start his conversation with Gale. As Gale entered the room , teddy got scared and said in a shivering voice :

TEDDY - 'Gale, Gale... Do not be afraid of me'

GALE in a deep voice - 'WHO IS THAT? '

TEDDY softly said - ' Will you be my friend, PLEASE !!!.'

GALE - ' Yes, but do not harm me.

TEDDY - ' Obviously I will not harm you but please open your bag. '

Gale opened his bag and said to himself, 'why is my classroom teddy bear in my bag ?.' The Teddy bear asked Gale to keep him down. Gale accepted and let the teddy bear talk. The teddy bear told his story to Gale and all the misbehavior children in the class did to him.

Gale gave a thought and with his parents and teacher's permission later, kept the little teddy as a cozy brother instead of a friend. They happily lived ever after.

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