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Arithmetic being evolved in the passage of time

People first resort to it to count the birth and death figure

From the ancient time

Unlike other creatures in the nature

Human only have mind to rule over matter

Emerging as the supreme one out of all creatures in the nature

Nature too played the effective role as to emerge the prolific mentor

Production and reproduction a natural process

But to promote hegemony on its own creation is surely a social choice

I am bemused by the nature’s emphatic role

Cannot fathom the gravity between sight and sound’s dominating role

In due time arithmetic also changed its sign

From mere digits to various sign it signifies its journey and influencing reign!

The determining role is amazingly played by the chemistry

Evidently it makes arithmetic helpless by its mystic synergy

Two opposite sex in what condition forced to reconciliation

Is it only to produce only progeny, not their emotional compulsion?

How they emotionally entangled to make a healthy bond

How can we comfortably ignore the quantity determine the quality in galore?

Thus the process of human civilization progress

Where chemistry of mind plays the pivotal role we need to address!

Chemistry necessarily needs the help of arithmetic

Apparently not visualized by its camouflaging exposure which is charismatic

It is virtually number alone

Invigorate the reaction of different constituents to make a grand echelon

Construe and bemuse us through its intriguing hue

Dazzle our eye by the colorful spectrum and its mystic queue!

Sadly sometimes chemistry pounced on us

To make huge ruckus

When pro-genies are being slayed by their own producers

Slightest of their self-interests if being damaged to their benefactors

Being frustrated sometimes not being capable to ensure safe haven

Cannot bear the pain for the posterity who are in the wrong train

A new trained being manifested in the present time

Where chemistry induced such heinous acts and various nefarious crime!

Still we helplessly observe the championing flame of chemistry

Where arithmetic takes the back seat mysteriously

Even when the plebiscite emerges in our human social fabric

Arithmetic eclipsed by chemistry to construe

An unholy composition with amazing technique

Only to retain few in the corridor of power

How brazenly one group associate with other

Despite there is gulf of difference

One entangled with other with an unbelievable resonance

Chemistry thus sometimes promote a state of dementia

Even sometimes cause mas amnesia

But virtually it is arithmetic

Keeps records of mass victimization by chemistry

This is utterly tragic!

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