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Anushree Sudehely



Anushree Sudehely


Unravelling The Mystery Of Time...

Unravelling The Mystery Of Time...

1 min

10, 9, 8 the countdown begins 

My heart's not pounding, it's blaring out,

All the sweet memos are flashing in 

For me coming back itself is a doubt

3, 2, 1 and the engines roar 

Drooling in the air up I go,

am losing my weight as higher I soar 

Until the earth becomes a blue dot below;

Floating along exploring the wilderness 

Where nothing around me but emptiness lay,

With passing, days was turning into a mess

Until was blinded by glinting rays ;

Following the glimmer, I came across 

A massive swirling void slurping it all,

B-Bye dolce vita, RIP to myself cause 

Yikes! the black hole had taken me in its shawl ;

Blasting the engines, using no fuel math

Proved to be a decision so right,

A miracle which saved me from death

for I was moving ad infinitum, faster than light ;

Hallelujah! I could see my home sweet home 

Missed you so dearly my mother earth,

I leaped off to kiss my homeland, Rome

Just to notice my family's dearth;

Oh-my ... the earth has changed 

10 seconds there, for 100 years here the sun had shined,

From 20-19 to 21-19 the calendars have ranged;

Oh-boy I was 39, but 39 ourselves still I find.

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