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True Form Of Life

True Form Of Life

4 mins 97 4 mins 97

I lowered the glass to the window frame,

Clung at the very front end near the steering seat.

I kept pestering my dad for a patient speed;

To see the colourful birds housed in wooden cages,

Along the margins of the wide way streets.


One by one as we crossed them by;

Their chorus voices breezed like a warming song,

My head did turn till they faded out from my keen eyesight.

No matter what -was going around me,

All I wanted was a cute pair to make it mine.


With no idea to stop and stare,

I was dodged by reasons for the sake of time;

Pulling the vehicle through the colony gates,

I stepped in a straight home with my empty hands;

But with a heavy heart for the missing glance.


The next day was all the way same,

With all time work till evening six;

Heard someone crack the bell like an insane mind!

I ran to the door and looked through the piece of lens;

Waiting to believe, if it’s true what I saw.


It was my brother behind with a vacant cage;

Trembling were his hands holding a cardboard box,

Through a small piercing hole, peeped out a long white tail !

It was It, I feared if it flies into the no man space.

As I begged my dad to house it under the sliding roof;


Like mere strangers in a forbidden world;

I saw the fear breathe out, blowing up their fluffy chest.

They ran cornered and sheltered under the hanging pots,

They rolled their eyes as though a blinded view.

Flapping their wings in a cowardly style;


With the water tub hooked over the caging walls;

And grains contained on either side,

They pecked food moving all along the lengthened rod.

As I went to bed for the happiest dreams

Leaving my thoughts on a peaceful ride.


With all day joy of fun and fight,

I wondered if its three weeks went in great delight;

Watching those lovely little moments of the tiny birds,

I thought it’s the resting time for them at the end of day;

Spotting a dull face hidden in the darkened hour.


The next morn left me shattered in a speechless voice!!

As I pulled out to clean the grimy chamber;

I saw the male one crawl so helpless to walk,

Stuck to the zone of the netted base plate

No ore, it ceased, bowing out the wings and breathed its last.


My mom came running as I called her out,

Slitting silence, "Jesus" she mourned in a shrill voice;

Err was on me, looking onto my hopeless face, she said!

You've never cared to care for your own self!

No wonder! You let this creature thirst and die of it.


Like a killer stranded in a prisoner's booth;

That moment just chiseled, my whole heart away,

Thinking if I really messed with an innocent life!

Feeling Clueless, seeking the very penance for this grievous fault;

I do this lone poem from the deep bottom of my warring heart.


I realized, this is life in its very true form;

Valuing every single soul living amidst us,

Why the need for agony and war, in this life so short;

It is what a heart so compassionate and purity does,

With Only peace as the redeemer, at any time of life.


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