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The Wise Man And The Fool

The Wise Man And The Fool

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Why is it that fools differ from the wise,

For the wise feels they know everything has wisdom,

Fools always cry about their fate,

The wise control the kingdom and the king.

The fools lose everything in his life,

The wise live in a world of their own making,

The fool when he met the wise man asked,

How are you wiser than me,

The wise man said with a smile,

You don't know about things like I do

For you are a fool, and me a Wise man,

For if I know more about life how to live,

Your life is always full of strife, you know,

Then they saw thieves in the night,

I will hold them back sir you run the fool said,

Run sir, the fool said, run as fast as you can.

Or they will rob you and then kill you.

I cannot run fast the wise man told

Then in a life and death situation my friend.

What use your knowledge, if it cannot save you,

I am a fool but know how to fight,

You are a wise man but you don't know to run,

So my dear wise and knowledgeable friend,

If this fool was not there with you today, it would have been your end.

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