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The Last Love

The Last Love

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Lazy summer afternoons;

The breeze is weak if not dead

The sky is clear and the birds

Are lazy; the water is strong in the streams

Your hand lays on my bare chest;

The glorious trees have hidden us

Hidden us from the prying eyes

Of the cruel daunting world

Bold fingers run through your hair

Sighs are heaved together

We watch the summer end

Slipping away from our hands

Hopeful eyes search for something

To hold on to, in vain

Winter will come and with it,

It will bring sorrow for us

Sorrow and pain greater than

Any that we have ever felt before

Just as powerful as the love

That oozed from every kiss we stole

And deep within the snow, I will

Bury the memory of my first heartbreak

I may not love another like I have

Loved you in the summer of my youth

Maybe I will never be able to love at all

Maybe that part of me will die too

When you leave in the morning tomorrow

Whisper my name one last time

Let it glide slowly off your velvet lips

I will memorize the view for the cold nights to come

Don’t bid me goodbye, my lover,

Let our love story freeze with winter

Let it stay how it is in the bend of time

Timeless. Priceless. Senseless.

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