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trisha nidhi



trisha nidhi


The Globe

The Globe

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The variation of colors I see

This globe is the world's key,

The countries separated by seas

And oceans,

I wonder what is the development


The variety of linguistic boundaries

The waves at sea coast doing laundries,

The tidal bore took me by surprise

In Jamuna, people fail to hear their cries;

Tiptoeing from east to west

This world never comes to rest,

The land of the rising sun I began with,

Their salutations are lauded with


Moving to the west

Saw nations succumbing to their nest

The constant hitches they play with

The wings of peace are lost and breached,

The darkness of their hatred

Have clouded the hues of joy,

They seem to be doomed in their

Political ploy;

The canals, bays, coasts

Welcoming the tourists and sailors

Each one playing their own part

For the economy to be tailored.

So many countries displayed

With their own proportional

Size and the shape,

With each population

Trying to dress their own cape.

Nevertheless, life had commenced

To stop somewhere

The reason withering though

Human aware,

Someday this globe would be tossed

With winds crossing uncouth, their directions lost.

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