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Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Romance


Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Romance

The Forbidden Love

The Forbidden Love

2 mins 228 2 mins 228

Gorgeous orifices, mesmerizing gazes,

Cords of the wonderful guitar,

She stood by, in her tiny robe.


The phrases were renounced, 

An emotion, which I couldn't understand.

Life commenced in an industry, 

Where I acknowledged,

I deviated from her, in inception.


Where they called her as she, 

And me as he. Time ratified, 

Our informal wardrobe shifted.


Uniform convened us, with education but 

Not from the viewpoint of humankind.

The sensation transformed, accessories 

Got altered, and pedagogy revamped, 

And our prosperity too got rewritten.


She yearned to be a thriving journalist,

The parkway laid by her household, 

And I choose to continue to be the slave, 

Of a liberty nation.


Year's flew by, the distance got 

Stretched by, the relation drifted by, 

Though it strengthens by my dreams.


We prevailed, by technology, but not 

By the soul.

Where she saw me as a pal, 

And I saw her as more than a crush.


The moment resided, but she continues 

To thrive beautifully, with a heart 

As a woman.


But the curse, of forbidden fruit, 

Bit my fondness.

The scarce remembrance of her,

Deteriorated by dominating her.


Where she got renounced, with the 

Encapsulated time. 

The neurons chastised her as 

She declined, to recollect her 

Home and adored ones.


The girl, who is a daughter,

A sibling, a companion, 

A colleague started surveying, 

The known strangers.


It's a misconception, that 

Memories perish with time.

Dementia doesn't show compassion, 

It's a liability that many pricks 

With no insurance.

Where remembrances get concealed

Forever where science becomes dumb.


The devils take many forms.

When it comes to fondness.

The painful one is the medical 

Conditions that tear the loved ones.


She continues to be my undisclosed love

With me discerning her sufferance, 

By being an incompetent spectator.


I am a typical, adherent who dwindled

In the crusade, kneeling to the lord to be 

Her caretaker and reinforce her family.

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