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Sharique Jamal



Sharique Jamal


The Crossover..

The Crossover..

1 min

The Crossover.

Red dawn it was,

An eerie silence muffled the world,

Fruits in the wild asked timidly,

" Is a curse upon us, 

For the small hands that picked us,

Are nowhere now.

We shall rot, forgiving is a necessity."

The wise oak looked pensive,

Shaking its giant branches,

Said " Curse of Satan is on us,

The earth is dug not for seeds,

But to lay to rest the human waste,

Darkness is coming fast".

The bridge, the crossover,

Was crowded, with souls restless,

Even the Guardian angel could offer no solace,

Children, young and old,

All wasted, in their prime,

Cries of lament, of loved ones,

Rent the air.

God shook His head,

Never before since Satan was banished,

Such uprising He Had foreseen,

Many evil souls had been bought,

Many small minds had wreaked havoc,

But should innocence be crushed?

Even God had no answer.

" Open the gates, let them in,

Judge them not, save the ones of Satanic cult,

Let the veil rise for a while,

Let the loved ones see, that a purpose was there,

Though not so harsh,

And make their past ancestors,

Embrace and wipe their tears,

Oh Jesus, my child,

Make the sunrise come,

And lift the darkness of malice".

And hence shall peace descend again,

The souls risen shall be at peace,

Enough of killing fields, filled with blood,

Nature shall reclaim its wilderness,

Waves shall rise again,

Winds shall sing again,

Wait a while, purging will end,

The crossover will stop,

And children shall eat the fruits again.

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