Temptation Cup

Temptation Cup

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It’s a final match between Angel-Humans and Demons team for the temptation cup.

Demons have a strong lineup, they have been consistent in the tournament,

After their successive defeats since BC.

The final movement has arrived, angels-humans team need one wicket,

And the demons need to crossover, the rope to take earth back to hell.

The win prediction shows 90%, in favor of the Demons,

With the climate conditions, and daily news proving it to be the truth.

The demon Mammon, the all-rounder, he has been the most consistent

Wicket-taker and batsman.

Here comes angel Michael, he was the man of the match

During the BC period.

He bowls the ball, made out of gold with precious stones and currency as layers.

A perfect yorker delivery, right on the block hole.

Mammon plays mistimed shot, but he digs in at the right moment,

The ball has gone straight into the air.

Has it got, the right elevation, and distance?

The man is running right behind it, it has got the elevation, but need to see the distance,

Will the humans be able to retain the cup, it’s a matter of time.

He crossed the inner ring, adulthood, the ages are getting passed.

With ages, other temptations are passing through his eyesight.

Hey, there is a miscommunication another human comes to take the catch.

What’s going now chaotic in the field, children, wife family, and others are running for it,

Still money in the air.

Michael is confused, he closes his mouth with hands and looks in despair,

Mammon is smiling scornfully, with the bat on his shoulder.

The man takes a stunning catch near the rope.

Oh, it looks like he has touched the rope, out of chaos and he miss timed the jump while competing the crowd.

Yes, It's six, demons have crossed the rope.

Demons all around, The cheerleaders are dancing like a maniac.

The Devil is out of his seat, from the hell he is into the earth.

What a match it has been.

Demons have finally won the Temptation cup.

With Humanity, as a price.

One can't ignore mammon role in the innings,

The chaos of humans.

Angels nowhere, being seen they have left the earth.

Humans were left on their own, to deal.

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