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Shraddha Gandhi

Abstract Drama


Shraddha Gandhi

Abstract Drama

Son Of The Nation

Son Of The Nation

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He is poor but rich by heart, 

He is healthy and wealthy in his art, 

He have his own carts( bullock), 

He makes others satisfy by his art and heart, 

A land is his mother, 

And bulls are his partner, 

Plough and tractor he masters, 

A nature is his teacher, 

And seeds are his future, 

A farm is his supporter, 

And climate is the main factor,

But, rain is the main impactor, 

And a good quality crop is his earner,

New technologies are developers, 

And brokers are like traders, 

Best production is his satisfaction, 

Modern irrigation techniques are his operators, 

Bad climate can become his eliminator, 

As nature is his feeder, 

And to his fellow supporters he makes available fodder, 

Harvesting brings good odour, 

And he is the best producer, 

He is bad dresser but in his work he is the best employer, 

His all products are always fresher, 

He is himself creator and carrier, 

In real he is a brave warrior and a lifes saviour, 

He is FARMER, our Nations armour.

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