Girish Krishna



Girish Krishna




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Across a room, with thoughts of a lifetime spent together, she passed!

With a spark the soul lit up at first sight!

A glimpse shook the frozen heart!

A gentle touch took light years ahead!

Of all the stars out there, she burnt like the sun!

Turning the sadness in me to ashes!

I found me falling for her, over and over!

But not longer!

I had to depart! Depart from her!

With no explanation!

I ran fast! I ran far! Having engraved her deep in me;

To get her off my head; My life!

No matter how long I hold my breath for,

I cannot hold it forever!

Tho' I cannot resist me from missing her!

No! It ain't over!

It haunts me day and night making me barely breathe!

Yes! She is in me! In every beat of my heart!

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