Hurry up! before its gone. Grab the BESTSELLERS now.
Hurry up! before its gone. Grab the BESTSELLERS now.

Amit Karandikar



Amit Karandikar


Share Magic

Share Magic

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It's the market of shares

The winner is the one who dares.

It's a place of practical tips,

Analyst says buy on dips.

It's like a roller-coaster ride,

Opportunities lie on either side.

Bazaar demands a lot of discipline,

Or it pushes you down on your chin.

Buy at the bottom, sell at the peak,

Brokers say, with a dimple in their cheek.

At times it becomes the luck game,

Many, don't give it the deserved fame.

Nifty, Sensex are broader indices,

They act like real spices.

You may earn a profit or make some loss,

But at least, you become your own boss.

Money is usually at risk,

But it multiplies very brisk.

Not only multiply, but money may also divide,

At such times, stop-loss is the guide.

Everyone must try their fate,

You may open your fortune gate.

I wish us all, Best of luck!

May we earn, a lot of bucks.

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