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Varsha Madhulika



Varsha Madhulika


Right To Rule

Right To Rule

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The petals of the flower

Cannot change its color

As per its desire

For it's not the flower but

The creator who owns the right.

And such creator-like, our power is

To raise a government

That hails for development

Or demolish a government

Heading to destruction.

Democracy is such powerful

I never knew

Until I saw that the count

Of the very last vote

Even has the scepter to change the flow

Of river in whichever direction it wants.

Mighty are we who now rules

In disguise to the ruling politicians

Whom we chose to work on our behalf.

Understanding of this franchise

Actually turns-over the complete

Picture of governing body

Whose bit is in hands of the common man

Who votes for a noble cause.

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