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Rashmi Poudel

Abstract Drama


Rashmi Poudel

Abstract Drama



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I always wondered

how on universe could earth 

remain so calm

after a storm, 


the trees defoliated, 

the buds disbudded, 

the cracks craved, 

the ruins made,

all the damage to deal with.

I often wondered


amidst the walls of destruction, 

voice of birds still got echoed, 

rays of hope still got reflected, 

paths to recovery still got paved. 

I strained my brain for an answer

but never did I get one

until today, I suppose, 

that I found one.

The earth, my darling, 

is resilient. 

Why aren't you? 

You know, the time will come when

the sky will turn blue once again, 

disbudded buds will sprout again.

Cracks in the moist walls 

across the memory lane,

will be healed by

beautiful lichens like moments,

yet again. 

But it won't last for long

for another storm will heat you,

sooner or later. 

And to deal with the damage,

just like earth does, 

all you need to be is


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