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Bhavana Miss



Bhavana Miss


Pity Him

Pity Him

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Dear hypocrites,

Don't pity my life,

Because I'm not a victim.

Don't console me,

Because I don't need your fake concern.

Don't accuse my actions,

Because I am not a criminal.

Don't restrict my behaviour,

Because I'm not at fault.

Don't admonish my birth,

Because I'm not a mistake.

Don't treat me, 

Like an alien,

Because I'm human. 

Don't indict me,

Just because I'm a girl.

Don't snatch,

My freedom from me,

Because I live in a democratic country.

Don't have I right to live the way I want?

Don't I have the freedom to live as I wish?

Pity his life

Because he needs it.

Console his psyche,

Because he needs it.

Accuse his actions,

Because he is a criminal.

Restrict his behaviour,

Because he is at fault,

Admonish his birth,

Because he is a mistake.

Treat him like an alien,

Because he is not a human.

Don't back out from indicting him,

Just because he is a boy.

Snatch his freedom,

Because he doesn't need to live in a democratic country.

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