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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Jiten Biswal

Abstract Drama


Jiten Biswal

Abstract Drama

Olden Is Golden

Olden Is Golden

12 mins 409 12 mins 409

God made this planet for nature’s journey to begin

From the wed of water and land, all the rest is begotten  

Life then came by a spark radiated from God’s heaven 

Before this origin of matter, a force of Him reigned benign

Animals came before all humans to this earth not so long ago

But today we all humans exploit the nature as others forego

After God made all, He then blessed each with the equal right

But we the greedy humans have become the demigods might

A scenic village on the lap of a river was a treat of nature

As a diamond ring of a wedding bride it shone brighter

Silvery water nurtured the golden land to feed all humans

Maverick azure perpetual calmed the mass on even terrains

Life was blessed like that of a destitute who had feasted on fast

To hide his hunger for months and years as a curse from a priest

Whom he annoyed and angered for denying a glass of water

In summer but was finally salvaged by his sprinkle of holy river

The village was a happy home where all lived in veneration

That housed the people of all ages who lived for generation

Was envy of the neighbors as each shared his joy and pain

Of others who toiled for harvest but cried when anyone gone

When God made human, gave him a sharp mind with a golden heart

Like peace and suffer that must visit each mortal like dark and light

If not, then with all peace the world would become a real heaven

If not, then with all suffer the world would become a hell barren

The village had the peace of heaven and suffers of the barren hell

A herd of jumbos spoiled their crops at the apt time of harvest bell

There was no way to find a solution to that real serious problem

Even the government failed to address their plea so all had lost calm

All shops were closed as the roads were shut on outer of village

Weddings were denied on the ground of animal’s violent outrage

When all was stopped, they confined their lives to their homes only

They paused their living to save the lives of members of every family 


One by one then people begun to die of hunger and drought

But nothing could rescue them as their misery lives were cursed

Even God’s heaven is cursed by an ominous bane of extinct end

He tests its worth to bestow His kind blessing to gleam golden  

Being a mundane human’s abode it had to pass the churn of time

The village head was wearily worried for his entire race’s survival

He then called a meeting of all family heads to discuss the danger

Joined in the dome of a temple to save their lives marred by insecure

The meet bore no fruits as each had his solution for the bestial cruel

One told to kill the jumbos by guns but banned by the authority local

One gave his opinion to stage strikes at all offices of the government

One urged to recruit a few mahouts while others remained very silent

No road could they find to escape from the clutch of bestial agony

No hope could they find to make their place a livable for progeny

So, decided to stop the birth from the womb of each village mother

To end the race with no infants who mustn’t face the wrath of nature

No sense could be made as all were speaking about their life’s distress

They began to fight with each other in the dome of the temple’s holy place

The village head sat in his chair in closed eyes to find a suitable solution

He roared like a lion to pacify the mass to hear him out for his apt decision

The dome was dead silent by the thundering roar of the village head

He showed them his red eyes to restore the sanctity of God’s abode

He looked around like a king and begun to speak in his baritone voice

They must search for a suitable place to shift the entire village race

Neither had faith in the officials local nor capable of solving by themself

They mustn’t decide their end as each came to the world by God’s will

They mustn’t wage war against Him in a gradual process of mass extinct

The race must be saved at any cost in order to obey the almighty’s verdict

All agreed to the decision of the village head as it sounded quite sensible

A team was formed to find a new land to resettle the village habitable

They soon found their future home on a vast stretch at one foothill

No fear of elephant was there as it had long banks of river’s open marvel

The entire village shifted to their newfound place in a phased manner

The old and the children were first to board the Lories and cart puller

Men followed women to vacate the cursed valley to their new home

All had shifted except a few youths to offer the last prayer at idol sanctum 

Homes are places of care and share where all live under the roof of houses

It is like an oasis amidst the unknown desert of human born malices

So, when all live merrily, even a thatch home becomes God’s heaven

But if discontent disturbs the peace of home, each lives as an island alien

But homes are the shades in the burning summer under a family tree

Rests a traveler to set forth his next lap of a journey to tread as born free

All homes are the houses of relations but all houses not homes blissful

They left their houses for their new homes in the hope of lives beautiful

One old couple were found living at river end in a rugged bamboo thatch

They denied going with them as the childless couple was a perfect match

After all others had failed, the head counseled them with his folded hand

Like a firm rock were they unmoved in decision to live until their life’s end

A silvery moonlighted the tender night as cool breeze hovered from south

The lone couple sat outside the hut humming a folk song heard from birth

Of an old king abandoned by his children to rob his wealth and head’s crown

But in absence of all how he lived a life filled with joy with an abandoned orphan

On a new land a fresh life was bestowed upon the mass by Mother Nature

Whom they had cursed once as an ill abomination of the jumbo adventure

Nature is like a mother who does not see the unrequited love of her children

Who dry her source of milk to feed our timeless hunger of needs infinitum?

Time rolled days, months, years like the wheels of a chariot of destiny     

 On the plane of time in the quest of luck and a life of timeless eternity

The sole couple vowed to live their own life Godly and lucky to save the soil

On that they were born begotten innate-like a dream from a poet surreal

When all had left they were left with the long lines of lovely lilacs

When all had left they had a pact of peace prolong to prove pivot

To save their deities of home, barn and vast stretch of green valley

To feed them in winter and summer to prevail their aura eternally

Being lonely and being alone are the two wanton babies of solitude

One dwells in the dark dreary dreams like a guilt of the past haunted               

 Amidst all peace and joys of the present it sinks the soul to hell fetish

If robed by the gifted relations also how would it salvage the sin malice?

Other one is a pride of her mother, flies in the skies of present and past

In search of new times as an unquenched discoverer of sea-like life’s quest  

For him all pains are gains, thirsts are crests, hungers are timeless all seeker

Of love, lesson and longing to gift humanity a second home after all over   

The left lot begun to prosper and master the new found land

They built houses for all and temples for community errand

All roads came up with drains that were absent in their old land

They made schools by their united will, also dug tens of pond

Happy was their lives like the fly of an eagle in the vast sky

Years passed like waves of clouds, the village was never dry

The kids grew as youths, many old were dead, all brides came

Like a phoenix they rose from the languid ashes of mighty time

The bad luck banged their doors again after almost a decade

A man with a siren pasted orders to vacate their homes hundred

An industry of power would come upon their area resettled  

A month’s time was given to them to leave their living cradle


Unaware of the fact that they all were living on a private land

Now they had no place to live, not even an inch of land to stand

The head was dead long before this ominous day of unseen havoc

The same old team decided to return to old land on cart bullock

Fear of losing their old homes gripped their hope of return

A clear of confirm was necessary to relocate to their lost heaven

 If it was gained by someone in the name of prolong vacation

Where would they go from there with their olden and children

Hopes are like floating boat in turbulent river of streaming upward

In spite of sailor’s best art the ferried cannot certain their escapade

When time is bad no fortune can save the fooled luckier of the world

 In the fire of struggle if one burns his thread-like-patience in oil hope sacred

To save a family was easier than saving a village amidst all dry hope

But all planned to end their lives their new try would be ending as flop

The thought was very scary as they had tens of children innocent

Who had known nothing except their mother and father prudent

The team revisited the same old abandoned lost valley of elephants

But were lost on the bank of a river as all about to die as mendicants

A light from the farthest cottage finally lighted their hope of survival

They ran towards it in the hope of rescue from that unknown jungle

The place was familiar as they had played their ring-roll on the street

But it housed a green valley of rice, banana, wheat, papaya and carrot   

The aroma of rose and night queen refreshed their memories childhood

Were amazed to see the old valley had turned into a green wonderland

They were stopped at the main gate by guarded security personnel

He seized their cart doubting as thieves and dragged them to a hall

Where one old man sat in a high chair circled by tens of foreign dogs

He sat silent as a maid came with a few cups of tea in scented jugs

He waved his hands to release the intruders as they were deadly scared

He offered them seats to inquire as they stood with their hands folded

He combed his long beard in closed eyes to hear their cause of intruding

He banged a bong to call his bulging man to throw them out of fencing

He got angered by their lame plea for trespassing into his land territory

He shook his head in blind denial of seeing the land of their old prairie

He stamped by his foot to vent his amber of anger in a ferocious enrage

He scolded them all and their ancestors as unknown sinners of sacrilege

Who had orphaned their motherland in a false pretext of bestial outrage?

Would they be called as nurturer of holy deity whom they had prayed for ages?

Why they be called humans as they had left their ever-giving mother nature?

They must be sent to the hell to die like insects as they had betrayed her forever?


After returning from the valley they stood dumb like a forbidden corpse

They had no courage to open their mouth as their race had become farce 

They stood silent dumb like a loser warrior who gave up arms before enemy 

Their end was visible in near future that would finish all including all progeny

They narrated their ordeal of revisiting the bygone green valley of wonderland

Women thumped their chests and banged heads on the walls of temple stand

The babies were left on the grounds to cry uncared by the agonizing mothers

The entire village started to assemble in the dome of the temple for prayers

They all were ready to end their lives in mass without hope of a near survival

The main gate was closed to eat the poisoned food touched by the sacred idol

They closed their eyes in the remembrance of forefathers and the pious deity

They held each other’s hands to be born again in the next life in a soul purity

A sudden deafening bang on the doors of the temple paused their mass suicide

They stopped eating the holy food to check if the knocker was not a thief petite

A few rushed to the door to know the cause of sudden disruption of venom feast

A man stood in front of the door with a letter sent from an unknown old guest

A youth snatched the letter from him like a preying cat pouncing upon a rat

He shut the doors of the temple with a big bang and returned back in fret

All eyes were fixed at the restless man who climbed fast to a stiff step

He waved a saffron letter tied in a yellow thread dotted by a tinsel crop

Anxieties grew, impatience brew as the letter looked like deity’s sacred robe

An aroma of incense changed the odor of the venomous palm of marred mob

He opened the letter while all paced towards him like hungry ants circle a sweet

The letter was short but written in a stumbling letters as if written by an infant

“I am the abandoned old man from the valley of yester year whom you had left

Before a decade in that orphaned valley of holy deity and terrain of jumbo violent.

I stayed back with my old wife who is still fine by the bless of the deity of the valley

We were alone but never lost to loneliness as nature is our soul-mate lovely

We breathed the air of serene profanity blowing perennial from the river end

We drank the water rolled down from the zenith of our tall mountain friend

We ate the fruits from everbearing plants of our encircling forest grandfather

We lived with beliefs as our gods, duty as our devotion and hard work as our prayer

We passed nights without food and sleep but not in fear of the violence of beasts

We begun to fight against all enemies of adversaries with our above three trysts

We learnt wisdom by caring nature like our own mother who never takes in return

But she gives all what she has in her possession from her head sky to the earth bottom   

Come back to your own homes soon as these are your places of births and deaths

Come back to your own terrain to regain its lost beauty of the barn, breeze, sheathes

Come back to your own valley to restore its lost glory of the fathoms and anthem

Come back to your soul as you are his bodies multiple who had bared him in mayhem”. 

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