My Room

My Room

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My room! My room!

You look good after cleaning with broom.

When I sleep here I have good dream,

It's a place where I can play and scream.

In my room there is a bed,

My room is an institute I am its head.

In my room I keep all my toys,

Which my father buys

It is my play and study zone,

I come here when I feel bored and alone.

In my room I keep my secrets,

If anyone annoys me there he has to regret.

In my room I have lots of fun,

I love my room more than anyone.

In my room all things are scattered here and there,

Mumma says clean up but I listen from one and take out from other ear.

In my room I am the leader,

There I have no stress and no fear.

My room is a biome,

This is the end of my poem.

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