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Bhawna Bahl



Bhawna Bahl


My Merry Mates

My Merry Mates

2 mins 165 2 mins 165

Today I'll talk to you about my merry mates,

My friends who blow and fall many

A time brushing by my window,

Gayly touching my iron gates.

Oh! They are tiny milky flakes of ice,

Spluttering here and there from the

Vast expanse above, so tiny and innocent,

Without the slightest vice.

They seem to be in an unsteady hurry,

Having escaped from the sky above

Longing to touch mother earth, enhance

Its glory and lend it a coat white and furry.

One day, looking out one of them caught my eye,

He was rather a daredevil making a shooting flight,

Saw me sad and stopped to ask why?

I was amused to see the friendly little flake,

So decided to pour my heart for friendship's sake.

I said I was lonely and asked him if he could be my friend,

My little flake said, he had fallen from heaven above

And longed to embrace, what he thought his sweet end.

I was intrigued by what the tiny flake said,

Probed to find out what was going on inside his head.

How could one's end be sweet, has he gone crazy?

I wondered if the fall had made his vision hazy.

He explained that what he believed was not a delusion,

His end was sweet for he fell from heaven

Only to embrace the earth whom he and

His fellow mates had a recurrent vision.

What made them merry, he smilingly said,

Was to fall together

And lay in an embrace with their mother.

He told me to brush aside my worries,

As nothing crazy was going on inside his head.

I greatly appreciated their vision

And pleaded if I could in their group seek admission.

But alas! My flake turned out snappy

And reminded me that his stopover was just to make me happy.

For in their group no mortals could seek admission,

Their journey was to fulfill their divine vision.

Our little rendezvous was because of my gaze,

That I poured on him which left him looking at me in amaze!

I was delighted to meet his kith and kin,

All greeted me with an amusing grin.

They said goodbye and blew me a kiss,

It was one sight that was surely not to miss.

I saw my friendly flake with his mates,

They all bade goodbye;

Gently brushed by my window

And fell over my iron gates.

On the ground, they lay in an embrace,

To cherish their "togetherness" and I

Saw a deep calmness emitting from their face!

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