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നാഗവല്ലി ⚔️



നാഗവല്ലി ⚔️


Love Is Not Unusual

Love Is Not Unusual

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For me, it was very harder

To get over him

I admit that still, he is my

A special one, I love him

But I don't want to go back

And do things to please him

It's cool to love someone without

Expecting anything return

Have you ever fall in love

With your best friend?

Trust me, it's the best feeling

But hurt you the most

I can love him, but can't choose him

Why it's so complicated?

I'm the best one for him

But can't be the special one.

I know he doesn't deserve me

He made me made, No

My love made me mad

But still, my heart pounding for him

Why he is still in my heart?

I thought I got over him

But still in the pain, or love

Is it unusual?

I think there is nothing unusual

When it comes to love

No choices, no rules, no gender

Only we can do is falling in.

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