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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

I Am A Movement

I Am A Movement

2 mins 229 2 mins 229

As I stood on the shores of my memories,

Wave after foamy waves lashed at my feet,

Refusing to let my feet dry,

They taunted me, they riled at me,

They insulted me, they laughed at me.

We gave you everything, we gave you wealth,

We gave you everything, we gave you health,

We gave you everything that could be got by them both.

And yet, woman, you stand here without a mark of success?

What are you, they questioned,

Are you a scientist or a sportsperson?

Are you a poet or a philanthropist?

Are you famous? Are you beautiful?

Are you a wave? Are you light?

Let alone all those trappings,

You are not even happy or bright!

What are you, they questioned!

After all this effort in making you, you?

You have failed us, all the way through!

I crouched low and felt their cold hands on me,

I had no answer for them, you see,

They spoke the truth, for I can see,

No possible end or destination to my journey.

I sunk down and surrendered to their rage,

Till I saw a bit of me, struggling through my sand-filled eyes?

Why I know what I am, clear as the sparkling water!

At the very moment, I am struggling!

And then also in my life,

I am exploring, I am experimenting

I am failing, I am finishing,

I am waiting, I am walking,

I am suffocating, I am expressing.

I am more than objects, more than roles,

I am not just emotions, I am not just destinations,

I am beyond adjectives, for I am constantly changing.

I am just the actions that are propelled by my thoughts,

I am nothing but a series of thoughts in action.

My actions have carried me across your waves.

My actions have helped me swim when I knew not how.

I laughed at the waves which were now receding,

They were powerless without a rock to crash upon.

I pushed the waves back deep into ocean,

I am after all just an action, of my choice.

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