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Universe is an utter enigma

In its fetus

Innumerable stars engender in chorus

With numerous galaxies it alone adorn

What a grand echelon it alone construes as champion

We only bemused to watch its grand celestial panorama in our vision!

We human perhaps only dare to gauge its motion

Pulsar, Quasar, all proves our endeavour and inclination

We tend to explore the cosmic world

How intriguingly it influence us to herald

Scientists devote their toil and sacrifice

Only to uphold its intriguing edifies and ties

Whether intrinsic or extrinsic

We are largely guided by universe mystic!

Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron

Plenty elements are its creation which shower on Earth’s floor

All are the product of heat and pressure

To explode with variety only to render an amazing composure

Amazing resonance they all carry

To promote a grand symphony

Matter, Anti-Matter, Thesis, Anti-Thesis

All manifest with serendipity of unpredictable synthesis!

We all are just mere a dot

Yet we cannot indulge to become rot

Past always propound on us

Paves the way to move with onus

We are mere a process

Where continuous change only ensure our progress

Radiation, Emission, Association and Assimilation

Instigate us only to move with sheer jubilation!

How many of us do realise really

We all are consist of all elements which universe offer generously

Unique minerals and metals universe engender

By virtue of heat, pressure and temperature

All individual on Earth possess inherent quality

Some may manifest

Some remain in hidden crest

In different conditions it display different hue

What a grand beauty alone universe offer us like glue!

I wonder whether our idea is also a matter

It alone having the capacity to make huge clatter

With changing hue it too make a grand flavor

Life itself is a rendition of changed version of idea with clamour

I guess, only human cerebral having the might

To express the reflections it receive with delight

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