Suchismita Behera

Abstract Romance


Suchismita Behera

Abstract Romance

Hatred Love

Hatred Love

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Those simple eyes and dimple cheeks

Had diverted me from my books

Those initial romantic college days

Till today gives me an automatic craze

Slow grown-up of our special friendship defined thoroughly as a relationship

To knot a holy bond of forever

To share ourselves always together

You did so....but I could not

With someone else; unknown although

My promises were unintentionally broken

I am sorry....but you should so...

Still, I am happy with your happiness

Sometimes somehow rise jealousness

Because feel me incomplete even today

Search those suspicious surprises of birthday

Go ahead...I Am still with you

You may not be; you cannot be

Standing beside you for the couple photo

Matches our imagination, exactly ditto

My heart seems crude and cruel

Today I am an uncontrollable soul

Sometimes have a doubt "was I brave?"

Or did I convert the past into "hatred love?"

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